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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Liveblogging "Lost"  
I thought I'd try my hand at genuine liveblogging. I've picked the series premiere of "Lost", which has Dominic Monaghan, also known as the second-hottest member of the Fellowship of the Ring, in a costarring role.


This post contains MASSIVE spoilers for the premiere of ABC's Lost. As in, I talk about just about everything that happens in the show, or rather my reactions to it. I don't recommend reading this until you've seen the episode.

-- Weird beginning. I guess they wanted to get a good "this is a bizarre and wrong situation" feeling to start out. I mean, a guy in a suit in the jungle. With a golden retriever.

-- Ah, our hero. "Jack." Goes in, keeps his head, takes one (well, twenty) for the team -- then walks off to the middle of noplace to take care of his own injuries.

-- WOOHOO! Dominic Monaghan!!! He looks drugged out. Suppose that's to be expected.

-- Ewww. "Could you please stitch my wound?" I'd rather be the lady in labor. I think this girl would too.

-- While I'm not watching the wound-stitching, let me just say that I'd hope real people in real life would have the sense to MOVE AWAY FROM THE BURNING PLANE AS BITS OF IT START EXPLODING. I'd hope that would include the drugged out guy, the fat guy, and the lady in labor.

-- Oh, he looks evil. And he's smoking. That can't be a good sign. Mr. two-shirts-on-at-once is either the cause of the crash, or the cause of a lot of problems later on.

-- I guess the lady in labor was just freaking out.


-- DOMINIC SPEAKS!!! And he's building a fire.


-- I am also done with medical school stories. MUTE on. Did the girl die? I don't really want to know. His 'dealing with the fear' speech is supposed to make us think of how well he coped with the airplane thing. It explains why he's the only person who thought to get away from the burning plane...

-- WOOT!!!! Dominic writes on his hands again!!!! I told my mom about that last week.

-- Oooh, domestic crisis. Did they break up on the plane, or is she just obstinate due to stress and stuff?

-- The fat guy offering food to the lady (not) in labor. She's Australian! Heh. And he's off to give food to someone else.

-- Awww, a dad and his kid. And what looks like a couple from China (??) He's being awfully creepy and dominant.

-- Doctor boy treating the seriously wounded. I don't think the guy's going to live, but the effort will help make wound-stitching-girl like him more.

-- Doctor boy is the oldest kid from Party of Five. Matthew Fox. That's the guy from Party of Five, right? I'll check IMDb during the commercial.

-- Doctor boy is ALSO FLYING BOY. He's a Mary Sue. I can feel it. The girl is acting like he's one. Ah, her name's Kate.

-- Loud noises in the jungle? Oh, predators. So not fun. Dominic looks bold and yet, apprehensive.

-- COMMERCIALS!! Time to upload and check IMDb.

-- YUP, he's from Party of Five.


-- Ah, the expected flashback. I was sort of expecting the crash to come first. It wasn't a really *good* trick, but hey, whatever works.

-- That's why he only had one little bottle of alcohol... and why he had that look on his face when he pulled it out of his pocket.

-- So was it a terrorist or crazy person or something?

-- THAT'S what I call turbulence. I hope this part ends quickly; I already have enough issues flying as it is.

-- Ah, thank you. Much better.

-- They're going to go into scary-sound jungle to hunt down the cockpit. Kate and Jack I mean.

-- Wow, stealing the clothing from the dead sure didn't take very long. I mean, getting to that point. At this rate they'll run out of food AND be committed cannibalists by the end of the premiere episode.

-- Ahhhhh... crazy man...with the orange trick I've always hated. I guess Kate hates it too.

-- Dominic is borrowing sunblock! Woot.

-- Ah, okay, domestic-stress girl is just in denial.

-- They really should get to dealing with the bodies. Disinterrment is easy. Burying stinky three-day old bodies is not.

-- I think I would shoot myself rather than listen to this band. DriveShaft. Yeah. Shoot myself. Well, deafen myself temporarily anyway.

-- THEY ARE IN JURASSIC PARK. I am anticipating raptor attacks at any moment.

-- Crazy guy is still crazy. Woot. Dominant Asian (Chinese??) Jerk is possibly crazier; at least crazy guy is enjoying himself.

-- Where is the T-Rex already?

-- Aha, the rest of the plane. I was more expecting something the size of, say, a lunar module. I think Dominic/Charlie is reconsidering his desire to come along on the expedition...

-- Oh, how lovely... using the bodies of the deceased as a form of leverage.

-- Locked cockpit... dead bodies emerging. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't have volunteered for this mission. Unless of course it turns out that the Dominant Asian (Chinese?) Jerk, Fat Guy, Not-in-Labor-Lady, et al are all going to get eaten by some huge evil predator.

-- Heh, the pilot is alive-ish. Stupid TVGuide ruined THAT surprise. I know better than to read spoiler-infested rags.

-- Wow, the pilot is actually REALLY alive. And he knew where the transciever was, which would be more helpful if it were actually functioning.

-- He's not so alive anymore. Stoooopid giant noisy predators.

-- Two things I don't believe: 1) these three characters could successfully run away from anything this presumably dangerous and survive to tell the tale; 2) that chick (Kate) would run faster than Dominic OR Matthew Fox. She'd better turn out to be a long-distance mud runner.

-- I can't blog effectively during scary/tense secenes, even when I know they're just using the "Jaws" trick on me (no clear view of the monster). I'm too busy covering my ears (even, bizarrely, when I have the volume on MUTE).

-- I might have to see that firefighter movie. It has Joaquin Phoenix. That's actually commercialblogging, right there, but I had to say it nonetheless.

-- Ooh, Kate's going to go find Our Hero Jack.

-- They are really in Costa Rica. I'm not kidding. That is COMPLETELY Jurassic Park. More the park itself than Site B.

-- Hey, it stopped raining. And there are pilot's wings in the mud. AND a pilot in the trees above. And OHJ emerges unscathed. Pilot appears to be eviscerated. Did OHJ get the better deal? I'm not really sure.

-- Preview for next week -- wow, that hour went fast.

-- Looks like rebel guy is indeed a huge trouble maker.

-- And it looks like they're on some kind of demented prison island. Possibly with dinosaurs and/or creepy genetically enhanced monsters.

-- I'll watch next week. I'm still mostly watching for Dominic, but I'm now approximately 25% interested in the show on its own merits.

I fixed some of the formatting, added some links at the beginning, etc. I'm still on the lookout for typos but I doubt I'll make any significant edits after this point.


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