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Thursday, November 09, 2006
So, it's been a while...  
And honestly, I'm really a little too busy to be blogging, but I got a couple of comments in my email today, and I was taking a break from noveling or studying (I'm in Russian 104! I could very well graduate soon!) And I thought, hey, why not blog a bit.

Today I'm going to do something really easy: compare the April 2006 General Conference citation rankings to the Top 25 General Conference Overall Scripture Rankings I did earlier this year.

First, the top citations for the 2006 conference talks, reverse alphabetically arranged within each instance category (and with previous Top 25 General Conference Overall Rankings in parentheses):

4 Instances
D&C 58:42 (39)
D&C 115:5-6 (471)
1 Peter 2:9 (110)

3 Instances
Moses 1:39 (1)
D&C 59:9 (23)
D&C 13:1 (49)
BM Title Page (148)

2 Instances
Mosiah 18:9 (130)
Moses 7:62 (455)
JS History 1:17 (45)
Helaman 5:36 (N/A)
D&C 84:44 (267)
D&C 81:5 (193)
D&C 132:19 (179)
Alma 5:14 (80)
Alma 42:30 (N/A)
Alma 42:15 (425)
Alma 42:13 (N/A)
Alma 34:32-34(316)
Alma 34:16 (N/A)
Alma 12:32 (N/A)
Abraham 3:25 (176)
2 Nephi 9:45 (N/A)
2 Nephi 32:5 (425)
1 Corinthians 15:29 (43)
1 Corinthians 13:11 (N/A)

Next, we try to balance the two rankings -- since some of the scriptures cited more than once in 2006 weren't on the Top 100 lists by book, they didn't have a preexisting ranking. I arbitrarily set their ranking as 2,500 -- the lowest ranking from my previous all-time list was in the upper 600's. Then I divided the 2006 ranking (4 instances = 1, 2 instances = 3, etc.) by twice the all-time ranking ([2006]/[2*AllTime]). That way the best-ranked 2006 citations (given a rank of 1) which had the best all-time ranks (in this case, we're talking about D&C 58:42, obviously) would have the largest resulting score within its own citation group, but not (automatically) the highest score overall The top 25 for 2006 are, thusly:

1. Moses 1:39 (Pearl of Great Price) [Top 50]
2. Amos 3:7 (Old Testament) [Top 50]
3. Matthew 5:16 (New Testament) [Top 50]
4. D&C 59:9 (Doctrine & Covenants) [Top 50]
5. John 10:16 (New Testament) [Top 50]
6. 1 Corinthians 10:13 (New Testament)
7. John 3:5 (New Testament)
8. 1 Corinthians 15:29 (New Testament) [Top 50]
9. Joseph Smith History 1:17 (Pearl of Great Price) [Top 50]
10. Matthew 6:33 (New Testament)
11. D&C 13:1 (Doctrine & Covenants) [Top 50]
12. Alma 5:14 (Book of Mormon)
13. John 14:26 (New Testament)
14. Matthew 11:28-30 (New Testament)
15. Matthew 3:17 (New Testament)
16. D&C 58:42 (Doctrine & Covenants) [Top 50]
17. Matthew 25:21 (New Testament)
18. Ephesians 1:10 (New Testament)
19. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (New Testament)
20. Mosiah 18:9 (Book of Mormon)
21. Daniel 2:28 (Old Testament)
22. 1 Corinthians 2:9 (New Testament)
23. 1 Corinthians 11:11 (New Testament)
24. Luke 18:22 (New Testament)
25. Acts 3:19-21 (New Testament)

Note that this isn't the same as putting the 2006 citations in order by their all-time rankings (to illustrate that, I marked the 9 scriptures which appear on the Top 50 all-time ranking.) Note also that, if you thought this year was a bit heavier than normal on the New Testament, you're right:

Book of Mormon (2 Top 25 entries, average of all ranks: 16)
Doctrine & Covenants (3 Top 25 entries, average of all ranks: 10.33...)
Old Testament (2 Top 25 entries, average of all ranks: 11.5)
Pearl of Great Price (2 Top 25 entries, average of all ranks: 5)
New Testament (16 Top 25 entries, average of all ranks: 14.3125)

Now, you could argue that by folding in the all-time rankings, I'm essentially eliminating the true up-and-coming citations (especially considering that no scripture was cited more than 4 times in 2006, and not even the Pearl of Great Price all-time ranking goes down to just 4 citations.) On the other hand, this largely eliminates any bias from one speaker repeatedly citing the same scripture (with no one else following suit;) unless at least two or three other speakers have had the same impulse. Since I already provided the "more than two citations in 2006" list above, I've decided I'm not too worried about this problem. Similarly, I'm not using the pure citation rankings today -- I'm using the combo ranking, which takes into account placement on the Scripture Mastery lists (either the old one or the new one.) Again, the point is "stuff that would be really really good to study, especially in light of 2006 Conference citations" and not just "stuff that gets cited a lot," for which you can visit the BYU citation site and get the answer right away. ^_^

I am a little annoyed that my list isn't a perfect "all the 4-citation scriptures in General Conference Overall Rank Order" display, but again that would be easy to calculate from what I've put up there. I like this weighted list the best, since it points out that 3-citation, #1 overall-ranked Moses 1:39 beats 4-citation, 39th-ranked D&C 58:42, which pretty much meshes with what I'd guessed would be appropriate.

[final note: I was waiting for the October 2006 conference to show up on the BYU site before doing this, but it's November now and it still isn't there and hey, I wanted to put something on the blog already. I'll just redo this exercise whenever it shows up. ^_^ Also, be aware that there's a beta version of the scripture index -- but it doesn't seem to include any 2006 data at all, not even from just April, so I didn't bother with it today. When they add the 2006 data, I'll start messing with comparative Journal of Discourses and General Conference citation rankings; unsurprisingly, Moses 1:39 remains king of that contest, with the top rank in the JoD/GC combined ranking -- but shockingly, it drops off the Top 100 altogether if you just look at the JoD! Daniel 2:44, not cited at all in April 2006, and ranked 49th in the GC ranking, is #1 in the JoD ranking and second in the genuine all-time ranking.]

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