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Sunday, April 01, 2007
Law School Admissions: Essay Prep  
So, I'm working out some basic positions before I actually go ahead and write my law school admissions essays. This is not just background information/positioning, however: I tend to get mildly freaked out by the chapters in law school prep books which bear titles and themes such as: "We lawyers all hate it here, please get an MBA instead." This stuff is supposed to make me feel better after encountering naysaying; it's very narrowly focused apologetics, essentially.

I'm not posting because I need to post something (though I do) or to brag about how swell my thought processes are, but rather in hopes of getting comments from the learned blogging community (which is heavily populated by lawyers.) So, feel free to comment.

Why do I want to go to law school? (philosophy)

I want to go to law school because I believe it will prepare me for a worthwhile, yet sustainable, career, which will give me opportunities to both make the world better and pay off my student loans. Moreover, I am well-suited to the practice of law, both temperamentally speaking and in terms of the topics and methods which interest me. And, though it's true law school cuts off some options, I feel it is of more broad application than a PhD in international studies (said PhD is not excluded from future possibilities, anyway -- especially seeing as how I'll be working to stay published.)

What do I want to do with a law degree, once I have it? (plans after law school)

I would like to help other people through a system that is both complicated and often illogical. While my ideal job would be something along the lines of helping Eastern European businessmen and bureaucrats build and become better able to succeed in a Western-style free market/democratic society, I am also moved by the cause of ordinary citizens in the United States who simply cannot be expected to devote the resources necessary to understand and utilize the legal system effectively. Therefore, I am open to local prosecutorial positions, opening my own private practice, joining a small firm, or working for a public interest organization, if the opportunity arises (unlikely, but possible.)

Specific plans include expanding on the work I'm doing for Mom, as far as creating educational materials are concerned, and becoming certified as a public defender. I also intend to serve as an example to the girls and young women at church, as a woman with professional obligations and intellectual interests who still retains both her faith and her committment to the church.

Though I find it unlikely that I will find the practice of law intolerable, I may come to a point where I can't make enough from private practice (allowing time for family and outside interests) to make it worth my while. Therefore, I also intend to seek part-time teaching opportunities in paralegal education programs at local community colleges, with an eye to potentially taking up teaching work at a law school in the future. To that end I will also strive to publish both informally (via a blog) and formally (1-2 articles per year).

Moreover, I will continue to seek education in outside areas, both through outreach programs (e.g. BYU Independent Study) and through regular participation in outside academic groups and cross-disciplinary groups (such as the Mormon Studies in the Humanities Association.) And, I will continue to work on my language and cultural skills: before I attend law school, I will visit Eastern Europe for the purposes of gaining a TORFL rating, and will continue to work on my Russian skills while in school. Later, I may add other languages as necessary, and will continue my association with various organizations focused on the area.

What do I want to do while I'm in law school?

While at law school, I intend to publish at least two articles for law review/journals, to work as a research assistant for a professor, and to join the Federalist Society, the J. Reuben Clark Society, and the local Bar and Inn of Court student sections in my community. I also intend to compete for a place on Moot Court and Law Review, and to devote at least 500 hours to pro bono or public service (this works out to about 5 hours a week -- or about 10 hours a week in the 2nd and 3rd years.) I will also continue my non-law school activities: participating in YSA, attending church, and fulfilling any callings that may present themselves. And I will likely continue to support my mother's private practice, doing research, public relations, and copy-editing.

What helps me stand out from other candidates intellectually?

I am tenacious and I have the courage to face the unknown -- I am dissatisfied with not knowing, and willing to put forth considerable effort to resolve any questions or uncertainties I uncover. I believe in being sure, of finding the truth, and of behaving as though both history and human knowledge matter to the real world -- because they do. I also have various other intellectual gifts (including a gift for words,) and I strive to use all of my abilities for the good of those around me.

What helps me stand out from other candidates socially/culturally?

I am a Mormon in the Midwest, who has stood in line for Star Wars, grew up a Unitarian Universalist, and has lived in 5 states. My grandfather served both in World War II and in the Spanish Civil War; my great-grandparents fled Eastern Europe as children. I'm also an INTJ if you care about stuff like that, and I was even born on a cusp!

What are the mistakes or blemishes on my record?

I have some very serious loan repayment issues which I am working to resolve. I also have a lot of gaps in my employment/school record, there's a six year gap between the last quarter I took as a full-time student and my graduation date, and most problematically, I have a small number of "fail" and "C" grades that require explanation.

What are the strengths on my record?

My GPA in my majors is far higher than my average GPA, and my average GPA is .2 above the median at my university. My LSAT score is quite high. I have done something "real" outside the world of college, though admittedly, nothing of a "professional" nature.

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