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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Sure, why not?  
I'll sign onto this one. The Abramoff situation is appalling, especially considering the kind of effort that ordinary people put into getting these politicos elected. For crying out loud, I handed out signs for one of those congressmen -- and I was just a kid at the time. Anyway, none of the other candidates for majority leader are looking too great; at least this one is behind something I can support.

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Friday, January 06, 2006
Note to the Blogosphere:  
This is how you ought to be handling your coverage of Ariel Sharon's condition. I'll give you three guesses as to why the latter half of this is tacky, opportunistic, rude, and frankly disgusting. And the first two guesses don't count. A man is dying, for crying out loud. We could well be staring down a return to the worst of the last twenty years in terms of Israeli-Palestinian relations. This is not a time to be tooting your own horns. You'd decry that kind of treatment from the main stream media you're so thrilled to be "better" than -- you ought to remember own obligations as well. Ugh.

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I love the Old Testament  
And also the Pearl of Great Price. Seriously, I'm digging teaching the actual scriptures so much, it's not even funny...

That's this week's lesson. Soooooo much fun! We don't have nearly enough space in the classroom to put up a full size cut-out style version the way I did last week with the Plan of Salvation, but I almost like the mini sized one better.

Unfortunately, now I'm reeeeeally wishing there was a Sharing Time bullet for something along the lines of "Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Promised Us Our Agency" -- because this jail theme is seriously groovy. I can see it now, dressing up half the class in stripes and handcuffs. ^___^

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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Ariel Sharon  
Roundup at Mere Rhetoric.

Go read the whole thing.

First what we do know: First, Ariel Sharon's political career is over. He will not recover fully from this operation, but even a miracle will not allow him to either run for or to execute the duties of an office.

Sharon was not the only Israeli alive capable of negotiating the diplomatic and military situation that Israel finds itself in - he was the only one capable of handling the political crises that he put Israel into and that he intended to lead Israel out of. What will happen to the politicians who left careers in other parties to join him - planning to ride his popularity until Kadima could grow roots - is anyone's guess.

In other words, it doesn't look good. At all.

Oh, and the Palestinians are in the streets, celebrating. Because Sharon was the only Israeli who ever gave them what they asked for -- land for peace.

(now, go back and click that link at the top of this post, and read the whole thing!)

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