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Monday, November 28, 2005
LSAT woes...  
In case anyone's wondering why I'm not posting much, or why I disappeared from the NaNo forums, it's because the LSAT is on Saturday and I'm having serious issues keeping my practice test performance consistent. I keep getting better and better at Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension (the last test I took, I got 70 out of the 77 LR/RC questions right) but my performance on the Logic Games is incredibly spotty (on that same test, I got just 9 out of the 24 LG questions right.) I think I'm getting easily unnerved or something; probably has something to do with the fact that I can finish any other section in 17-22 minutes, but keep going over on the Logic Games (the first two practice tests, I finished the LG section with several minutes to spare -- my last one, I made myself stop at 11 minutes past the deadline, with four questions unanswered.) And, the more I pay attention to how slow I'm going, the slower I go! I'm taking the rest of the night off -- I'm going upstairs to watch a DVD, then I'm going to read a few chapters from the Book of Mormon, and then I'm going to BED. Do not pass Go, do not under any circumstances even think about the LSAT.

Tomorrow is a new day. I actually am getting quite good at the Logic Games (when time isn't a factor, I'm getting 6/7 or 5/7 questions right on any one game;) there's just something about today that's made them impossible.

Oh, according to the charts in the back of the practice tests, my scores so far have been:

First Batch: 153 (consistently)
3. 167 (Saturday)
4. 168 (Sunday)
5. 163 (Monday)

Note the rather sudden drop there... yeah. Harry Potter and I have a date in the living room now. TTYL.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Go Bucks!!  
We won! Too, too much fun. ^_^ I've only been to 8 OSU home games (4 doing the flag in ROTC, 4 doing card stunts in Block "O") but they were all VERY exciting, and I've always been under the impression that nothing you could see on TV could compare to that. But boy, this game was close. Now I know why so many people pay $350+ for tickets!

Anyway, you can find the scores and highlights and pretty much everything you want to know about the game elsewhere, so let me just say this: GO SPARTANS!!!

(I would love to see us playing Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl... yes I would... hmmm...)

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Saturday, November 05, 2005
Yes, I have some NaNos...  
Or rather, excerpts from my current efforts. They're going on my writing journal, located here.

So far I've gotten to 12,094 words, which is where I was on 11/18 last year, so yay!

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