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Monday, January 08, 2007
Let's sing Ohio's praise...  
Even at grossly inappropriate, bizarre, and/or giggle-inducing moments. Yes, yes, I know, the big game is tonight, and yay for national championships (though an even bigger yay for Big 10 championships, which can't be gamed by journalists nearly as well as the BCS is.) I too hope the Buckeyes win, and indeed at this very moment I sit waiting for word from my Political Science advisor (at Ohio State) about graduating (from Ohio State) this March, and moreover I am currently wearing a VERY scarlet t-shirt from my year in Block "O", which reads "TRESSEL'S TROOPS."

But I must stress that any time I find myself singing along to the prelude hymns at church, and realize halfway through the first tune that the organist is playing Carmen Ohio, well... let's just say that even die-hard Buckeyes ought to recognize that there is a time and place for everything, and church is not really the place for expressing your collegiate athletics fandom. I mean, she wasn't even trying very hard to disguise the tune -- the family sitting behind us also picked up on it right away, and in fact their younger daughter and I (quietly) finished the chorus out loud, after we stopped giggling.

Of course, the child in my class who used our "draw something nice" time to color a page which was not just OSU-themed (I'm so glad Crayola's "basic colors" now includes grey,) but also featured the names of our two local high school teams, too, would do well to realize that, too. On the other hand, he's 7 years old, so I'm going to cut him a bit more slack than the grown-ups.

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