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Saturday, August 28, 2004
Girly nonsense...  
Here I present to you, in the wee hours of the morning, my official ranking of the Fellowship (that is to say, the Fellowship of the Ring, in the Lord of the Rings -- just visit Peter or TORn, if you're confused) members, in order of general spiffiness.

First, the characters. This is a movie ranking, not a book ranking (I'll rank the book characters after I re-read the book, which will be around Christmas)

  1. Samwise Gamgee
  2. Aragorn
  3. Gandalf
  4. Gimli
  5. Merry
  6. Boromir
  7. Pippin
  8. Frodo
  9. Legolas

And, my ranking of the actors, based strictly on their work in the movie and what I've seen of them at conventions, in appearances, etc., directly relating to the movie:

  1. Sean Astin
  2. Dominic Monaghan
  3. Viggo Mortenson
  4. Billy Boyd
  5. Ian McKellan
  6. Elijah Wood
  7. John Rhys-Davies
  8. Sean Bean
  9. Orlando Bloom

I should point out that the only one I don't really like much at all is Orlando Bloom. Yes, he's pretty, but he comes off as rather obnoxious. I haven't liked him, or Legolas, since I saw the actors' commentaries for Fellowship. Though I still like him as Will Turner (like I said, this is all about this movie). And, this doesn't take into account my appreciation for Andy Serkis and Ian Holm, nor my fierce attachment to Faramir and Eomer, nor my intense and irrational intolerance for all things Liv Tyler (that's not just this movie, I disliked her in that Aerosmith video AND Armageddon). We're talking Fellowship members only, today.

Anyway, there's your girly nonsense for the month.


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