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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
CafePress Madness, Part Three (The Danger Zone)  
So we started out with my lovely non-political, geeky, happy, writerly, snuggly goodness type designs. Yay. Unless you get offended by made-up swearing or are a Wolverines fan, you're probably not miffed.

Then we took a look at my LDS designs. If you are an "OMG Cultist! UR so going to Hell!" type, go away. If you're LDS, you might find them cute (or hideous, whatever,) and the rest of you probably don't care much. Phew.

But now we have my authentically make-people-mad-for-the-next-year stuff. Half of which I came up with either because I was annoyed or amused by something I saw somewhere. Word to you folks who are going to send me nasty letters: I don't think any of the Democrats are Satan. I don't think that Hillary is in league with the devil. I do think it's a sad commentary on our political culture that the "Hillary/Satan 08" design, which I came up with on a lark, is my highest-selling logo to date, and it's only been there for 9 days. The Spoiler Free one, which had been king, has been up for over three years now. Sigh. On the other hand, this makes me think there's probably a market for crazy candidate hate out there. Depending on how much more desperate I become, you may soon see nutty anti-SuchandSuch slogans on this post. I mostly think it's funny.

I am an (increasingly marginally) pro-Mitt person, though that's always subject to change. With my political designs in particular, I'm often responding to ugliness in what other people have done. I hate, hate, hate a lot of the political designs on CafePress: they use poorly chosen images, they pick nasty fonts, they don't seem to care about readability, and they're often pretty insulting. My conspiracy t-shirt is probably the most direct commentary on what I've seen there.

Oh, and I'm totally freaked out about the idea of us going more than thirty years with the same two families occupying either the Presidency or the Vice-Presidency. No American under the age of 45 has ever voted in a US Presidential election where neither a Bush nor a Clinton was on the ballot. That's just creepy. So I made the "28 More Years" ones.

By the way, for the curious, the shop-builder that I use only lets you link to individual products (instead of whole stores.) You can get to the full list of things with each design by clicking the item, though (there's a link on the next page.) So it's not like I only made, say, a single tile coaster with the "Faith" logo, and just the black shirt for the Cylon Overlord one. That would be crazy, and inefficient, and wouldn't explain all the hours I spent making alternate versions of each design to fit on all the different products. Phew.

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CafePress Madness, Part Two  
So in my last post I put up all my easy-to-figure-out, non-controversial, not-likely-to-garner-evil-comments designs. That was simple enough. Now to enter the murkier waters of... LDS themed designs!! Stupid anti-Mormon comments won't even get a polite response from me this time, people.

As you can see, there are all kinds of fun designs -- I have two CTR ("Choose the Right") logos, some funky (almost?) ugly art with the text of Moses 1:39, an "I Am A Child of God" sort of logo specifically for girls and women (I'm still trying to come up with a "manly" looking one for the guys,) an FHE (family home evening) logo that I'm really rather proud of, a faith one that I mostly did out of a desire to make a good-looking sun (I don't think I'm quite there yet...), and a sort of sloppy yet hopefully cool block with the text of the 13th article of faith. There will probably be more designs added to this collection over time -- the system I'm using will, niftily enough, update this post automatically with any changes. Yay!

I wasn't kidding when I said I needed a job, though. Nine designs (technically, the tenth -- the Moses 1:39 one -- has been floating around waiting for me to use it for about two years.) One week. Yeesh. Oh, and there's one more post coming!

[edited to add: I also have a Christmas design in there! Not specifically LDS, but I wanted to keep all my "religious" stuff in one post... yeah.]

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CafePress Madness, Part One  
So, in a bout of desperate "I don't have a job and I have lots of energy and I need to do SOMEthing" mania, I've been creating designs for CafePress. Lots of designs. Lots and lots and LOTS of designs. Except for the "I Heart Rebel Scum," "Spoiler Free", and "Follow Me To Primary" designs, all of these were created in the last eight days.

Those are all my non-LDS, non-political designs: my Ohio State stuff (referring to Jim Tressel,) one for Pickerington (after I noticed that I didn't like any of the other Pickerington designs,) four writing-related ones for NaNoWriMo (the Latin one means "I joined, I wrote, I won,") one literature one (I heart Orwell!), one photo I took in Salt Lake City, and the geek collection: three Battlestar Galactica designs, one Star Wars design (rebel scum, get it?) and one generic geekery Spoiler Free one, which until this week was my highest-selling design ever.

More on my other designs in a bit. Suffice to say I really need a job.

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