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Wednesday, July 23, 2003
A CORRECTION TO RUMORS WHICH ARE MOST UNFOUNDED AND DUBIOUS AND GENERALLY ILL-CONCEIVED: And rest assured, Caroline will find a note of correction in her mailbox forthwith. I AM NOT just a LoTR "movie" fan -- the books are far far better than the movies. JUST BECAUSE I was unable to get around to reading them before FoTR came out (and the fact that C&L monopolized all copies of saidsame books in the household since our MICHIGAN days), doesn't mean I am merely a cinema-type Orlando Bloom fangirl groupie twit. Nor do I worship at the feet of Peter Jackson. Indeed, I find the elimination of Tom Bombadil and the Old Forest one of the chief drawbacks to FoTR the film (we will not go into the errors made in TTT, which are too many to enumerate). Not to mention the making of Arwen into a Zena-like girlfriend wannabe.

You know I'm really annoyed when I start using excessively large words.


LAURA HAS A STORE OF HER OWN: And the stuff is all way cute. When I have the time and credit card access (mayhaps a friend will help out in that regard) I shall at a minimum be purchasing the Blue Moon hat, which is awesome.

To see and get her stuff, go here:



Monday, July 21, 2003
COMIC-CON UPDATE, PART ONE: Just a quickie update, because I'm tired and I want to see some of the stuff my dad HOPEFULLY taped for me while I was gone: I never did spend any more money (just the $13.95 for Wil's book, the $2 for the hot dog on a stick, and about $16 on not-fully-prepared food at Ralph's); I never did get to get the autographs of any Hobbits or Stargate Command types; I got up close and personal with some of J Michael Stra-ra-I-can't-spell-his-name-inski; I got a lot of free stuff. The ride back home was nice. Next year, I want to stay in the Gaslamp District hostel instead of the Point Loma one, as it's much closer and I could actually do things after 7pm then. Sigh. More later, I swear.


Saturday, July 19, 2003
POSTING FROM THE COMIC-CON FLOOR = VERY FUN: Hi everyone. I'll reformat this post later, when I get back home. I've been at Comic-Con for four days now (arrived Wednesday night) and have a ton of cool (FREE) collectibles. In fact, I haven't paid for anything at the Con itself, and all my money has been spent at the hostel (for my room), the grocery store, and $2 went to Hot Dog On A Stick yesterday. At the moment I'm at the SciFi.Com booth on the exhibit floor, pretty much not doing anything with these laptops that the staff intended. But it's all good. I'm waiting to see if I can get Amanda Tapping and Don S. Davis' autographs. ^_^ Anyway, probably ought to go and let other people use this terminal; I'll post tomorrow, most likely, when I get home.


Wednesday, July 16, 2003
CAROLINE MADE A FUNNY My sister made a funny fanfic and posted to Riddikkulus, like I've been bugging her to do. Now you must go and read it. Go on, off with you. That's right, I said go. The link is RIGHT THERE, click on it already.


You clicked on it, right? Okay, just checking...


JUST A QUICK NOTICE: I'm going to Comic-Con in the morning (extra special love and kudos to Helen, who will be doing the driving and thus sparing me and AAA yet another dose of quality "my car is broken down, please come help me" time), and will be gone until sometime on Sunday. Then I have a shift at 1pm. My cell will be on. See you all on the flip side.


Tuesday, July 15, 2003
THREE MORE THINGS: Since I've already used "TWO THINGS" as a header once in the last sixty days, I had to change it up a bit.

First, if you ICQ me, and don't want to get my standard goawayandleavemealoneyoucreep message (a rather scalding "who are you and why are you contacting me" is usually what I send to unsolicited ICQs), please reference this URL or the URL of a message board post or something. Please. Seriously, I hate unsolicited ICQs from creepy strangers, and I get so many, I'm oversensitive. Obviously, if you know me in person, or have chatted with me on and off for the last seven years, a simple, "This is Caroline" or "Steve from the line" will also suffice.

Second, I am in fangirl heaven, because Wil quoted a post I made to his message board. And replied.

Third, I have a Geek Code, and I don't know what I can do with it, other than to put it here. So here it goes.

Version: 3.1
GG/H/PA/SS d-- s-:+ a-- C++ U- L E-- W++(-) N o K- w+(--) O-- !M V PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP-- t* 5++(+++) X+ R tv++ b++++ DI++++ D++ G e+(++) h! r x-


Thursday, July 10, 2003
I NEED TO TRANSFER TO A NEW DEPARTMENT: Seriously. I scare myself. When I look at this picture, I first see that the pirate skull bank costs $8.62 and that I can't remember how much the gold chest with chocolate coins costs (around $3.77, I think -- but it might be more like $4.31), but there are two of them. Further, I realize that the gold earring (come to think of it, I think there are two of those sets displayed as well) comes as part of the eyepatch&earring set (I think that one is $2.69), and that the red velvet and beads aren't currently for sale (at least, not in New Orleans Square). It's a disease, and I'd like to hope that some time in Guest Relations would cure me of it.

Upon further reflection, there are also a few of the jeweled rings ($4.31) and possibly the bag-of-jewels gems (the bags cost around $5.33) present, as well. Some nice centerpieces, really. But I could duplicate them easily.


REMINDER ABOUT CONTACTING ME: If you want, for any reason, to contact me, please use the following resources:

-- First, my regular email address (lloannna@surfside.net), my ISP sometimes eats the email but the account gets checked 2-3 times daily. I always post on my blog and here when I realize that the email route has been blocked.
-- Second, my home phone number (email if you want it); though I never ever answer the phone, I can hear any messages from my room and if you get through, and I'm here, you'll get a return call. Unless you're asking for money, of course.
-- Third, my cell phone number (again, email); this thing is almost never on, but sometimes it is, and it has voicemail. I'm trying to check it more often, honest.
-- Fourth, the message boards. I check these a few times a week.
-- Fifth, my alternate email addresses (lloannna at yahoo, netzero, and juno), which are checked less frequently.
-- Sixth, try and see if I'm on ICQ. I'm usually invisible because otherwise I get 20-30 unsolicited "hi, want to talk" messages daily. No, I will not cyber with you, and don't be shocked if you get a message saying "who are you and why are you contacting me?" if your username isn't familiar.
-- Seventh, snail mail. Slow but extremely reliable.

Please also remember that there are at least four extenuating circumstances, which often (regularly) screw up my plans. High on the list are: my dad is extremely sick and I have to do stuff for him; my stepmother is evil and orders me to do stuff randomly at inappropriate times/times that conflict with stuff I've already said I'd do; I no longer have any good times to take showers and what have you, so they end out getting stuffed into times I might have said I'd be doing something else. Also, I hate -- HATE -- telephones. There's a much better chance of me answering the phone if you email me first saying "answer the phone when I call." No, I'm not kidding. I started the calendar year with 300 cell phone minutes, and am down to 85, mostly thanks to three or four days at DL and a lot of confusion and "hey, let's call such-and-such now."

All of that stuff above also means that sometimes I may fully plan to be in my car driving to Hollywood at 3:30pm, with the cell phone on, but will be unable to actually follow through. Remember how I said people would have to bear with me, because of all that stuff going on in my life? Me being slightly less reliable than usual is part of that. I swear I'll be more punctual and such when my life isn't like this anymore.


Monday, July 07, 2003
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT: Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's sent messages of support and so forth. Very much appreciated. I've been completely exhausted, to the point of not even checking email more than twice a week (many of you know that I've checked my email an average of 10 times a day since 1994 ^_^). Jackie will tell you how spaced out and weird I've been. I expect to update the blog some later on this week. Anyway, thank you to everyone for your support (and patience).


Wednesday, July 02, 2003
FOR THE RECORD, WHILE I STILL SEEM SANE: Okay, this is just a head's up; apologies in advance for all the cross-posting. This message is EVERYWHERE today, but only to ensure that everyone gets it.

My dad left for his surgery appointment about 15 minutes ago (for those who I didn't manage to give this info to earlier, he has prostate cancer). For the next week, we won't know anything, and then after that we'll know slightly more than before but not anything to make a difference (I have no idea at what point we'll have any useful information). For the next week, my stepmother and I will both be extremely worried and trying to hide it from my brother and sister, who are officially too young to know more than "Daddy's sick and he'll be back this weekend." I'm pretty sure we'll take it out on each other, and those who've been forced to endure my rants re: Carol know what to expect in that regard. After that, I'll be dividing my time equally between the house, where my dad will be here (in an extremely sick and/or weakened "I have no interest in staying out of your way" mood), and the Resort, which will be inundated with gazillions of Guests who shouldn't be bothered with my personal issues (and who would just as soon step on CMs as notice they're there). I anticipate at least three months of serious mood swings/short tempers/periods of loss of rational judgement from everyone involved, including myself (random example of the day: my dad and I say good-bye, they get in the car and leave, I lie down and cry on my bed for two minutes, then suddenly get up and check all the settings on all the VCRs in the house before I forget). Therefore...

IF you get a really strange, overly emotional, random, whining, desperate, suicidal, panicky, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I WANT TO MOVE TO VILNIUS" type of email (or see a message board post in the same vein), please keep in mind all of the above and cut me a little slack. The two of you who've said "you can stay at my place when your parents drive you nuts" (and you know who you are -- and BTW thank you again), I may take you up on your offer (though the chances are much lower since I've actually said that, so don't worry too much about it). Those of you who will be seeing me in the immediate future (Pirates opening night, ComicCon, etc.): I promise to try really really hard not to get moody on you without notice. You'll all be glad I'm a non-drinker by the end of this.

Thanks to Greg for noticing that 99% of everyone, won't know where Vilnius is. He suffered the wrath of a typical "OH YOU WANT INFORMATION, HERE I'LL GIVE YOU SIX PAGES" reaction, which is what anyone who asks me for a simple explanation is likely to get while I'm in an emotionally erratic state of mind. Anyway, here's a map.



Because only so many people can be eleventh in line.