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Wednesday, July 02, 2003
FOR THE RECORD, WHILE I STILL SEEM SANE: Okay, this is just a head's up; apologies in advance for all the cross-posting. This message is EVERYWHERE today, but only to ensure that everyone gets it.

My dad left for his surgery appointment about 15 minutes ago (for those who I didn't manage to give this info to earlier, he has prostate cancer). For the next week, we won't know anything, and then after that we'll know slightly more than before but not anything to make a difference (I have no idea at what point we'll have any useful information). For the next week, my stepmother and I will both be extremely worried and trying to hide it from my brother and sister, who are officially too young to know more than "Daddy's sick and he'll be back this weekend." I'm pretty sure we'll take it out on each other, and those who've been forced to endure my rants re: Carol know what to expect in that regard. After that, I'll be dividing my time equally between the house, where my dad will be here (in an extremely sick and/or weakened "I have no interest in staying out of your way" mood), and the Resort, which will be inundated with gazillions of Guests who shouldn't be bothered with my personal issues (and who would just as soon step on CMs as notice they're there). I anticipate at least three months of serious mood swings/short tempers/periods of loss of rational judgement from everyone involved, including myself (random example of the day: my dad and I say good-bye, they get in the car and leave, I lie down and cry on my bed for two minutes, then suddenly get up and check all the settings on all the VCRs in the house before I forget). Therefore...

IF you get a really strange, overly emotional, random, whining, desperate, suicidal, panicky, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, I WANT TO MOVE TO VILNIUS" type of email (or see a message board post in the same vein), please keep in mind all of the above and cut me a little slack. The two of you who've said "you can stay at my place when your parents drive you nuts" (and you know who you are -- and BTW thank you again), I may take you up on your offer (though the chances are much lower since I've actually said that, so don't worry too much about it). Those of you who will be seeing me in the immediate future (Pirates opening night, ComicCon, etc.): I promise to try really really hard not to get moody on you without notice. You'll all be glad I'm a non-drinker by the end of this.

Thanks to Greg for noticing that 99% of everyone, won't know where Vilnius is. He suffered the wrath of a typical "OH YOU WANT INFORMATION, HERE I'LL GIVE YOU SIX PAGES" reaction, which is what anyone who asks me for a simple explanation is likely to get while I'm in an emotionally erratic state of mind. Anyway, here's a map.



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