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A blog about my life, universe, etc. At any given time you might find something endlessly interesting or just me ruminating on something else, which no one (not even myself) finds interesting. That's the way blogs go, I suppose. Anyway, I was eleventh in line, and you weren't. Hah!

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lawyer in Pickerington; my stepdad and dad are computer guys, and my stepmom (who works with my dad) is an engineer. My sisters are, in order of age, a photographer, an artist, and a person too young to have her own website. My brothers are, in order of age, living up north, and again, a person too young to have a website. At some point soon I'll be collecting links for my aunts, uncle, and cousins. ^_^

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Thursday, July 10, 2003
REMINDER ABOUT CONTACTING ME: If you want, for any reason, to contact me, please use the following resources:

-- First, my regular email address (lloannna@surfside.net), my ISP sometimes eats the email but the account gets checked 2-3 times daily. I always post on my blog and here when I realize that the email route has been blocked.
-- Second, my home phone number (email if you want it); though I never ever answer the phone, I can hear any messages from my room and if you get through, and I'm here, you'll get a return call. Unless you're asking for money, of course.
-- Third, my cell phone number (again, email); this thing is almost never on, but sometimes it is, and it has voicemail. I'm trying to check it more often, honest.
-- Fourth, the message boards. I check these a few times a week.
-- Fifth, my alternate email addresses (lloannna at yahoo, netzero, and juno), which are checked less frequently.
-- Sixth, try and see if I'm on ICQ. I'm usually invisible because otherwise I get 20-30 unsolicited "hi, want to talk" messages daily. No, I will not cyber with you, and don't be shocked if you get a message saying "who are you and why are you contacting me?" if your username isn't familiar.
-- Seventh, snail mail. Slow but extremely reliable.

Please also remember that there are at least four extenuating circumstances, which often (regularly) screw up my plans. High on the list are: my dad is extremely sick and I have to do stuff for him; my stepmother is evil and orders me to do stuff randomly at inappropriate times/times that conflict with stuff I've already said I'd do; I no longer have any good times to take showers and what have you, so they end out getting stuffed into times I might have said I'd be doing something else. Also, I hate -- HATE -- telephones. There's a much better chance of me answering the phone if you email me first saying "answer the phone when I call." No, I'm not kidding. I started the calendar year with 300 cell phone minutes, and am down to 85, mostly thanks to three or four days at DL and a lot of confusion and "hey, let's call such-and-such now."

All of that stuff above also means that sometimes I may fully plan to be in my car driving to Hollywood at 3:30pm, with the cell phone on, but will be unable to actually follow through. Remember how I said people would have to bear with me, because of all that stuff going on in my life? Me being slightly less reliable than usual is part of that. I swear I'll be more punctual and such when my life isn't like this anymore.


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