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Thursday, May 29, 2003
Sameer's friend's memorial site is still the official Link of the Moment, but I want to remind people about Josh being on The Amazing Race starting tomorrow, so he's the Secondary Link of the Moment. When you're done with the T. Ford site, check this one out:



Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Awww... somebody hates my blog. Too bad, cause I like it, and I don't feel like changing it.


Four days later, and I survived the DL Invasion by the Star Wars line people. We actually filled an entire Indy car all by ourselves (12 people, 12 seats -- it was fate!) There was a little bit of potential drama, which I almost made worse, but in the end it fizzled before it started. It looks like we've lost a group member from the overall line group, which is depressing, but it had nothing to do with the DL trip. I got to sign in three people (two friends, plus one of their moms) into DL -- first time EVER. Do you have any idea how incredibly empowering it is to get someone into Disneyland for free???? It's like magic oozing out of your pores for hours and hours afterwards. It's even cooler when you get to take one of those people on his first DL trip EVER, and also his first time on Indiana Jones and Star Tours (Greg, the somebody in question, has been to Disney World, but not to Disney-MGM Studios, where those attractions are located). He wasn't very impressed with the Electrical Parade, but I guess that's to be expected when you see it for the first time as an adult. I also got a massive sunburn on my arms, and am once again resigned to being effectively transparent, as I can't afford Solarcaine on a regular basis.

I got to work a holiday for the first time as a person who gets paid extra to work holidays, on Monday. VERY happy to do that, especially for an 8 hour shift! I also applied for Stock Team for DL West on Monday. They get paid a bit extra, and they are getting a lot more hours than the rest of us. Of course, whether I get it or not, I'm probably going to go and apply for Guest Relations when my 6 months are done.

Anyway, I'm hungry, and I think I want to go see The Matrix Reloaded again at the AMC. TTYL.


Friday, May 23, 2003
So, here I am, sitting around, and I realize it's been about a week since I updated the blog. While waiting for my laundry to dry, let me therefore update you all.

First, my friend Stefanie and her family are coming to DL for the weekend. Looks to be a lot of fun. I actually have Saturday and Sunday off, shock of shocks. Will likely move into the Mickey & Friends structure for the duration ^_~

Second, DL has launched a new scheduling thing online -- I don't have to go all the way to Anaheim to see what days and hours I'm scheduled! Whee... now the Cast Portal has something better than the evil Star Dinerz menus.

Third, I don't think I mentioned that I got a 92% on my geology final! Now just have to submit those applications for graduation...

Fourth, I've finished my probation at Disneyland. What's more, I've now worked here longer than I've ever worked anywhere. It's a little scary. I've earned vacation hours. That's like, halfway to being a grownup right there.


Saturday, May 17, 2003
OMG, I'm actually getting good ratings at BlogHop. 6 ratings, 93% overall... I feel so loved. ^_^


Okay... Grad Nite was very... tiring. Seriously, I was quite loopy by the end. Seeing the sun rise over Disneyland (well, sort of -- we were still working when it came up, and hence were indoors with only a partial view) would have been better if I hadn't already been up for a very long time when it happened. Also, stoned seniors do NOT equal happy fun time. I want a Grad Nite sweatshirt, though.

The Matrix Reloaded wasn't as good as I was sort of expecting it to be. I stayed away from the rumors and speculation and spoilers for the most part, and didn't really know what I was expecting, but I came away feeling sort of disappointed. I'll probably see it again on Tuesday, will comment more fully then.

My friend Sameer sent us a link to the foundation formed in honor of his buddy who died in Iraq (Travis Ford). Check it out, it's the new Link of the Moment.



Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Wow. I so have to get this book now... and it's not even because of hormonally driven fangirlishness from the early 1990's, either, it actually sounds really cool. Like, normal, non-Star-Trek-geek, people like it. A lot.

Read on Wil's blog about how cool this is.


Oh... been updating the Recommendations. Have a few links up now. I expect to add The Matrix: Reloaded as a "Movie That Doesn't Stink" by the end of Thursday.


Okay, so I tried writing a few articles. You know, because I said I would. And the absolute LAST thing I'd expect, happened -- they're too short. Seriously, both are about 650 words long. I need them (and their future bretheren) to be at least 1500 words long. I'm going to let them set aside and ferment for a few days, try again after Grad Nite.

In other news, I forgot to mention that I finally spotted my first Customer! Actually there were two of them. They were teenagers, I think, both female. Not sure of nationality or anything. They were standing over by the candy in the Gag Factory and they kept looking at me. It was creepy. Then they moved their bags so that they were right in front of their stomachs, and put their hands on the stuff in front of them (and positioned themselves so that the candy rack was between me and them) and looking at me! I swear, they just would NOT look at their hands or bags at all. It was incredibly suspicious to me, so I alerted one of my fellow CMs. She Guest Serviced them, they split up, then tried to reform over by the Toy Story merchandise and art supplies. And continued looking at me. I was beginning to think maybe I just had something in my hair... anyway, they told her they were looking for felt tipped pens, even though they were ignoring three different packs of felt tipped pens right by their hands. We basically Guest Serviced them out of the store. But honestly, how foolish can you be, acting like that in a store with almost no other guests in it? And looking at the Cast Members... if I hadn't been so nervous, I would have laughed out loud.

Oh! That reminds me. I've gotten three gratutious compliments from managers in the last few days. First, at the Gag Factory, the leads/manager said they were looking for a 100% Mystery Guest score from me because they know I always do all the stuff I'm supposed to. Then later on a different manager said that I was doing everything really well. And tonight in Frontierland, a manager said that she thought I was really good, and that I ought to apply for stock (it's a premium shift) training because they really need good stockers (she had had me straightening and folding garments).

Last, but not least at all, I got to do the parade today. There was a glitch, and the parade was delayed for a while (I got back to my post in Frontierland 5 minutes after I was supposed to have walked away, to go home -- they ended out giving me an extra hour of work since I was already going to be extended), which was fun. I had to tell four or five families not to let their children sit on the trash cans. It's not like the things are bolted down. At least no adults were standing on them (that happens sometimes, too). Honestly, folks, the parade isn't special enough to risk needing stitches in your head.

I wonder if my line "the ladies at First Aid are really nice, but it's not nearly as much fun as the Matterhorn" is rude. I thought it was a cute way of reminding kids why they shouldn't swing on the ropes (and sit on the trash cans), but my dad thinks it's rude.


Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Okay... I am SO close to finally being sure that I've gotten my last requirements for graduation done I could just explode. Today I got in the mail my official UCLA transcripts, and confirmation that I have real university credit for a full year of Russian (A- and B- were my overall grades -- I don't even care that the second grade stinks, I'm so happy just knowing I passed it for real, officially, and that it counts, really and truly, as real college credit). I already know I have my environmental geology, world regional geography, and marine biology credits in (straight 4.0 -- let it be said that Sarah learns from her mistakes; the UCLA classes were six months before the others). I had 91% going into my geology final last week, which was a take-at-home online open-book exam (in other words, I REALLY had better not have failed it because... well, it'd be unimaginably embarrasing, to say the least). The only requirements I had left, the day I moved to CA, were one social science (geography), one science two-course series (the two geology classes), a biological science (marine biology), and the rest of my language requirements (the UCLA Russian classes). Now all that's left is to get my grade for geology, send all the transcripts/course descriptions to Ohio State, and pray that they don't say I need something else.

I am SO buying all the Disney 2003 Graduation stuff (most of it has Mickey ears -- and our theme is "Finally Free in 2003," which is perfect for me on SO many levels, especially if I can find someplace, other than this house, to live in before December...) when I can afford it (which hopefully will be before the 2004 Graduation stuff comes out!) Also, anyone who happens to be in the CA area had best be prepared for my awesome birthday/graduation/moving out Hobbit party this fall.


I changed the boards to "anyone can post," to demonstrate trust and stuff. Also, I found a way (I hope) to deactivate that annoying Community Chest thing (the option was hidden in an obnoxiously low-key spot). And, my latest announcement to my friends (copy should be here in a few minutes) got cross-posted AND double/triple-posted to almost every list I know. I managed to send the news that I might actually graduate soon to about 100 people, but there were over 300 emails received, in all likelihood. I'm going to write a song, and it's called "All the Ways In Which I Hate My ISP" Sigh.


I updated the logo that's in the column on the left. It's still not the way I'd like it (in terms of how good it looks relative to the original BMP) but it's better than it was before.

I saw the Stargate fifth season finale last night, by the way. My stepmother tried watching it with me but gave up right after making a comment about this being "an annoying clip show." I'm still annoyed that she sat there making noise and trying to make conversation, while I was trying to enjoy the solitude and FINALLY see this thing I'd been waiting for for literally more than a year. I really have to be close to someone to enjoy watching meaningful entertainment with them. And we don't have that, nor are we likely to (especially so long as she insists on writing notes to me that call me a whiny victim and then acting as though she never did it).


Monday, May 12, 2003
I've decided that the next thing I want to do with this blog (and my website... sigh...) is to start writing random articles on random things and linking them here. I want to have a boatload of good, well-written, interesting articles on random stuff by the end of the year. I'm talking like... 150 articles. Connnnnnteeeennnnnnnnnnt... my online universe is starving for connnnnnnnteennnnnnnt...


I added a bunch of recommendations to the links on the left. They're below the friends. In a day or two, I'll go and make them all links.


By the by, Anna has been updating "Last Tango In Paris" some more. She knows how to make a girl happy... now counting down to the next installment of Barb's "Lost Generation" (to say nothing of "The Triangle Prophecy"). Actually, all my favorite websites are being slow in regards to updates, lately. This is what happens when the internet becomes dominated by students, teachers, and their immediate families.


I've decided to add commentary capabilities... but I didn't want it to be all about this little blog, since most of the time I post stuff, I post stuff to mailing lists and other boards. Besides, I love fiddling with message board systems, and I'm about to become an EZSupporter anyway:


It's called Antiphony (it's a word that means, basically, "a song sung by two choruses responding to one another" -- that's nowhere near the official definition, but it's close enough for my purposes). You can read it without being an EZBoard member, but to post, you have to register and become a member of my board.


Friday, May 09, 2003
I've decided that "Eleventh In Line" is as good a theme as any for this blog. Therefore, that's not just the title, it's also what I've put on the LOGO...


And I've added a rating thing for myself. I doubt I'll get MANY hits, but hey... positive reinforcement is a good thing. I'm also looking into some sort of commentary system, but I'm not sure how it'll work. I might use my guestbook at GeoCities for that.


Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I renamed the blog. What do you think?

The link of the moment is now officially:


It is so cool that one of my favorite childhood actors is online and not weird. At least, not weird in a Cher/Michael Jackson/Britney Spears sense of the word. ANYWAY check it out.


Because only so many people can be eleventh in line.