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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Okay, so I tried writing a few articles. You know, because I said I would. And the absolute LAST thing I'd expect, happened -- they're too short. Seriously, both are about 650 words long. I need them (and their future bretheren) to be at least 1500 words long. I'm going to let them set aside and ferment for a few days, try again after Grad Nite.

In other news, I forgot to mention that I finally spotted my first Customer! Actually there were two of them. They were teenagers, I think, both female. Not sure of nationality or anything. They were standing over by the candy in the Gag Factory and they kept looking at me. It was creepy. Then they moved their bags so that they were right in front of their stomachs, and put their hands on the stuff in front of them (and positioned themselves so that the candy rack was between me and them) and looking at me! I swear, they just would NOT look at their hands or bags at all. It was incredibly suspicious to me, so I alerted one of my fellow CMs. She Guest Serviced them, they split up, then tried to reform over by the Toy Story merchandise and art supplies. And continued looking at me. I was beginning to think maybe I just had something in my hair... anyway, they told her they were looking for felt tipped pens, even though they were ignoring three different packs of felt tipped pens right by their hands. We basically Guest Serviced them out of the store. But honestly, how foolish can you be, acting like that in a store with almost no other guests in it? And looking at the Cast Members... if I hadn't been so nervous, I would have laughed out loud.

Oh! That reminds me. I've gotten three gratutious compliments from managers in the last few days. First, at the Gag Factory, the leads/manager said they were looking for a 100% Mystery Guest score from me because they know I always do all the stuff I'm supposed to. Then later on a different manager said that I was doing everything really well. And tonight in Frontierland, a manager said that she thought I was really good, and that I ought to apply for stock (it's a premium shift) training because they really need good stockers (she had had me straightening and folding garments).

Last, but not least at all, I got to do the parade today. There was a glitch, and the parade was delayed for a while (I got back to my post in Frontierland 5 minutes after I was supposed to have walked away, to go home -- they ended out giving me an extra hour of work since I was already going to be extended), which was fun. I had to tell four or five families not to let their children sit on the trash cans. It's not like the things are bolted down. At least no adults were standing on them (that happens sometimes, too). Honestly, folks, the parade isn't special enough to risk needing stitches in your head.

I wonder if my line "the ladies at First Aid are really nice, but it's not nearly as much fun as the Matterhorn" is rude. I thought it was a cute way of reminding kids why they shouldn't swing on the ropes (and sit on the trash cans), but my dad thinks it's rude.


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