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Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Okay... I am SO close to finally being sure that I've gotten my last requirements for graduation done I could just explode. Today I got in the mail my official UCLA transcripts, and confirmation that I have real university credit for a full year of Russian (A- and B- were my overall grades -- I don't even care that the second grade stinks, I'm so happy just knowing I passed it for real, officially, and that it counts, really and truly, as real college credit). I already know I have my environmental geology, world regional geography, and marine biology credits in (straight 4.0 -- let it be said that Sarah learns from her mistakes; the UCLA classes were six months before the others). I had 91% going into my geology final last week, which was a take-at-home online open-book exam (in other words, I REALLY had better not have failed it because... well, it'd be unimaginably embarrasing, to say the least). The only requirements I had left, the day I moved to CA, were one social science (geography), one science two-course series (the two geology classes), a biological science (marine biology), and the rest of my language requirements (the UCLA Russian classes). Now all that's left is to get my grade for geology, send all the transcripts/course descriptions to Ohio State, and pray that they don't say I need something else.

I am SO buying all the Disney 2003 Graduation stuff (most of it has Mickey ears -- and our theme is "Finally Free in 2003," which is perfect for me on SO many levels, especially if I can find someplace, other than this house, to live in before December...) when I can afford it (which hopefully will be before the 2004 Graduation stuff comes out!) Also, anyone who happens to be in the CA area had best be prepared for my awesome birthday/graduation/moving out Hobbit party this fall.


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