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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
This week has been interesting. See, my parents and brother and sister are in... drumroll please... San Fransisco. WAY far away. Oh, happy happy day. I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, and not do the dishes because, quite frankly, I don't generate nearly as many as they do. I want to see if I can get through the whole week without emptying the trash because the trash doesn't have anything in it (and they call themselves environmentalists).

Anyway, today wasn't so hot; last night was fun but involved me and Jackie at Denny's until 4am, and I had to be at work at noon. I actually got there five minutes early, but it turns out they didn't need me and sent me home. Okay, fine, I said, I'll get some extra sleep before going back to the Resort, meeting Jackie again, and watching LMNT, Rose Falcon, and Play on the Club Buzz stage tonight. The show started at 7pm. I woke up at 8:30pm. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Disney just sold the Angels. Darn it, I liked being connected to a winning team. Now I bet there won't be any broadcasts of baseball games on the giant screen TVs in Downton Disney... and I can't get any more free Angels stuff. So, umm, go, Mighty Ducks (I hate hockey).


Friday, April 18, 2003
Well, yesterday was "fun." Not fun in the sense of actually being fun, but rather fun in the sarcastic sense of "if this is fun, I don't want to know what 'not fun' is." I got sick yesterday. Really really sick. Sick as in "let's go find out what happens when you throw up all over the nice nurses at CFA" (CFA is Cast Health, the employee infirmary).

Luckily my friend Erin from Flashback was there to notice me sitting in the cast eatery, and even more luckily a General Stock Lead was nearby to hear her unable to contact my management at the Star Trader, and I actually GOT to CFA before throwing up. Erin even got me a refund for my pizza slice. ^_^

Anyway, my dad came and retrieved me, and I went to bed around 9:45pm -- and woke up around 4pm feeling MUCH better. I'm going to chalk it up to dehydration, lack of food, the heat, and not having enough sleep (I only ate a bit of breakfast burrito, three cookies, a soda, and a single slice of pepperoni all day, and I only slept for about 4 hours the night before due to wanting to get to Cast Blast at 6am). In the future, I'm going to limit my testing of myself to no more than two factors at one time (i.e. I'm not going to see if I can handle not enough sleep, not enough water, AND not enough food, anymore). And I'm going to start packing headache medicine anytime I work the Star Trader (part of why I got as sick as I did, I think, is a lack of aspirin and a tension/dehydration headache). My most sincere apologies go out to anyone who wanted to meet up with me last night; I WAS scheduled to work until 11:30 as the SarahFinder states, but I ERed due to being unable to stand up straight.


Saturday, April 12, 2003
Still trying to come up with a better name for this blog... anyway, Pirates is going down at the end of the month, until May 29th. Yay, not. Hopefully Tom Sawyer's Island will be back up by then. There was a LONG wait at Winnie the Pooh this evening -- 60 minutes at 9pm. A bit insane, really. I got my schedule today, so the SarahFinder was updated. I have to go to bed soon, now, because of that nutty 9:15am shift checking bags tomorrow. Oh, and I bought fudge. It was good.


Friday, April 11, 2003
Space Mountain is down for the next 18-24 months (or more). They moved it up; we had no warning. Literally, as in people showed up to work today and were told, "uh, the attraction isn't going to be up today... or tomorrow..." Guests stood in line, reportedly (this was a Guest saying to me that this had happened to her family) for 20 minutes before being informed there wasn't going to be a ride on Space Mountain for them today. I could cry; I had wanted to go on one last ride the night before it went down, but was too tired to do it last night. Oh, well... there's always the 50th anniversary.


Thursday, April 10, 2003
Oh, I COMPLETELY forgot to mention before how totally cool it is that I'm a Hat Writer now. I'm going to try and write on a towel and scan it in for you all. Maybe it'll say "Lloannna" or something (maybe not, 3 "n"s in a row may be a bit tricky). Actually, that's a good idea for the first hat that I buy for myself...


I had to update the SarahFinder again -- twice in one day -- because I just couldn't take it anymore, and had to change my final exam to a slightly later date. Sorry, but two weeks between your ONE midterm and the final just isn't enough time, and I didn't get a chance to watch all the class videos. Plus now I'll be able to actually go to the final exam review session -- and still get an early grade. ^_^ Anyway, hope to get a lot of hours now; picked up 8 for today, and 8 for tomorrow. I also traded a 4 hour Princess Shoppe shift for an 6.5 hour Hat Writer shift next week! Woohoo... my first real Hat Writing shift, here I come.


Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Hey, I know you're looking for me. Come and figure out how to find me at the SarahFinder.



One more thing, my Blogs I Like page has been substantially updated. All my friends' blogs are linked now, in addition to Caroline's and that Schuverse guy.


Oh, yeah, I almost forgot!

Want to see pictures from Flashback? I hope so, because the pictures from the show are now featured as my Link of the Moment!



It appears that I lack coolness.

Indeed, this isn't something we didn't know. Not really. But it turns out that EVERYONE I know has a cool name for their blog (it also turns out I'm about the last person I know to GET a blog... even the technically challenged people that I know, have them). I also don't update at all, but we knew that. Anyway, the hunt is on for a cute name for my blog. Something better than, uh, "Sarah's Blog," which is what I have right now.

Meanwhile, here's the three-cent update on my life since St. Patrick's Day... I did all of the following things:
-- attended the LOTR Oscar party at the LA Athletic club. It was fun. We went to IHOP afterwards. I had a bagel.
-- found out that I can't get health insurance at DL until December, thanks to my sorry excuse for an evil money-grubbing union.
-- was forced to join my evil money-grubbing union or lose my job; thusly I'll be applying for non-member status in a week or so, when I have time...
-- performed in Flashback in front of two audience (the first was about 1100 people, they say the second was almost sold-out in a 2000 seat theatre!) My father taped the first night, CastTV did the second night (my dad's tape isn't actually Flashback 2003, it's Flashback Starring Sarah, Including Every Single One of Her Mistakes, Entrances, Exits, etc.) The Red Team didn't win anything, but the Green team did (actually, Green won every category except Choreography, which went to the Blue team)
-- went to the first anniversary party for the Star Wars line. It was quiet but fun and I got to watch the glass door to a TV cabinet explode at 3am. It's an experience I'll treasure forever.
-- and, finally got an arrangement going with the person who's going to present my paper at Nimbus 2003 (I can't go, but they liked my proposal). She's another Sarah, from CUNY (she's going to get her PhD in English, which makes me nervous)... will keep you all updated on the process.


Because only so many people can be eleventh in line.