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Friday, April 18, 2003
Well, yesterday was "fun." Not fun in the sense of actually being fun, but rather fun in the sarcastic sense of "if this is fun, I don't want to know what 'not fun' is." I got sick yesterday. Really really sick. Sick as in "let's go find out what happens when you throw up all over the nice nurses at CFA" (CFA is Cast Health, the employee infirmary).

Luckily my friend Erin from Flashback was there to notice me sitting in the cast eatery, and even more luckily a General Stock Lead was nearby to hear her unable to contact my management at the Star Trader, and I actually GOT to CFA before throwing up. Erin even got me a refund for my pizza slice. ^_^

Anyway, my dad came and retrieved me, and I went to bed around 9:45pm -- and woke up around 4pm feeling MUCH better. I'm going to chalk it up to dehydration, lack of food, the heat, and not having enough sleep (I only ate a bit of breakfast burrito, three cookies, a soda, and a single slice of pepperoni all day, and I only slept for about 4 hours the night before due to wanting to get to Cast Blast at 6am). In the future, I'm going to limit my testing of myself to no more than two factors at one time (i.e. I'm not going to see if I can handle not enough sleep, not enough water, AND not enough food, anymore). And I'm going to start packing headache medicine anytime I work the Star Trader (part of why I got as sick as I did, I think, is a lack of aspirin and a tension/dehydration headache). My most sincere apologies go out to anyone who wanted to meet up with me last night; I WAS scheduled to work until 11:30 as the SarahFinder states, but I ERed due to being unable to stand up straight.


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