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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
It appears that I lack coolness.

Indeed, this isn't something we didn't know. Not really. But it turns out that EVERYONE I know has a cool name for their blog (it also turns out I'm about the last person I know to GET a blog... even the technically challenged people that I know, have them). I also don't update at all, but we knew that. Anyway, the hunt is on for a cute name for my blog. Something better than, uh, "Sarah's Blog," which is what I have right now.

Meanwhile, here's the three-cent update on my life since St. Patrick's Day... I did all of the following things:
-- attended the LOTR Oscar party at the LA Athletic club. It was fun. We went to IHOP afterwards. I had a bagel.
-- found out that I can't get health insurance at DL until December, thanks to my sorry excuse for an evil money-grubbing union.
-- was forced to join my evil money-grubbing union or lose my job; thusly I'll be applying for non-member status in a week or so, when I have time...
-- performed in Flashback in front of two audience (the first was about 1100 people, they say the second was almost sold-out in a 2000 seat theatre!) My father taped the first night, CastTV did the second night (my dad's tape isn't actually Flashback 2003, it's Flashback Starring Sarah, Including Every Single One of Her Mistakes, Entrances, Exits, etc.) The Red Team didn't win anything, but the Green team did (actually, Green won every category except Choreography, which went to the Blue team)
-- went to the first anniversary party for the Star Wars line. It was quiet but fun and I got to watch the glass door to a TV cabinet explode at 3am. It's an experience I'll treasure forever.
-- and, finally got an arrangement going with the person who's going to present my paper at Nimbus 2003 (I can't go, but they liked my proposal). She's another Sarah, from CUNY (she's going to get her PhD in English, which makes me nervous)... will keep you all updated on the process.


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