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Saturday, January 05, 2008
Oh, Come With Me to Primary!  
I found out yesterday that I will definitely be teaching the Book of Mormon this year to our ward's eight-year-olds (well, half of them.) I'm very excited - through a confluence of circumstances, I've always missed the Book of Mormon courses in Seminary and Gospel Doctrine; I've always studied the Book of Mormon on my own. So, I'm going to be collecting links and creating activities for my own class, and thought, hey, why not publish them here on M*, too. For those who don't know, this will be my fourth year of teaching in Primary.

Let me also take the time out to put in a plug for the Senior Primary teachers' group on Yahoo. It's quiet now, but hopefully it'll pick up soon.

FYI, the theme for the year is "I Am A Child of God;" I usually do some activities based on the yearly theme as well as the monthly themes, though I don't have any in lesson #1 because it's a big topic. But don't be surprised to see some of that sprinkled in there in the future. Oh, and the future weeks will be better, as I'll have, you know, time to do them. ^_^ Anyway, on to the stuff I collected.

2008 Senior Primary (Book of Mormon) Lesson #1: The Book of Mormon, a Gift from a Loving Heavenly Father

Church-Approved Materials
- Related Gospel Principles Chapter: Scriptures
- Guide to the Scriptures Entry: Book of Mormon
- Our Heritage Entry: Establishing the Foundations of the Church
- Related Gospel Doctrine Lesson: #1, "The Keystone of Our Religion" (Class Member Study Guide)

Useful Articles from the Friend:
-- Mormon & the Book of Mormon (a short explanation of the origins of the Book of Mormon)
-- Make your own plates (shows the children clearly the parts of the Book of Mormon and who wrote which plates.)
-- What Happens in the Book of Mormon (I will be using this to help the children build our first timeline project)

Outside (non-official source) Stuff

PDF Activities & Helps (made by me, hosted on my Geocities site till we have a spot for them here)
-- Memorization Activities: Moroni 10:4, 8th Article of Faith, Joseph Smith quotes
-- Supplemental Activity Ideas: Hardships (matching hardships suffered by various prophets who helped bring the Book of Mormon to us;) Who Did What (matching Book of Mormon names to what they did;) Righteous or Wicked (I say, e.g., "King Noah," they say "wicked.")

Outside Resources: (not made by me)
Book of Mormon map (just shows where things are in relationship to each other.)
Book of Mormon timelines

Note: For the first few months of 2008 I will be attempting to follow the following schedule, publishing each lesson help file about two weeks before I will be teaching that lesson to my class. Our Stake Conference is always two weeks after General Conference, but given that my job as a Primary teacher is actually easier in those weeks, I will probably take the opportunity to get ahead and thus compensate for the weeks where I have to prep our class Sharing Time in May (and later, in November.)

This week - Lesson 1: The Book of Mormon, a Gift from a Loving Heavenly Father
This week - Lesson 2: Nephi Follows His Father, the Prophet
This week - Lesson 3: Obtaining the Brass Plates
Jan 13 2008 - Lesson 4: The Tree of Life
Jan 20 2008 - Lesson 5: Lehi and His Family Are Led through the Wilderness
Jan 27 2008 - Lesson 6: Heavenly Father Commands Nephi to Build a Ship
Feb 03 2008 - Lesson 7: Crossing the Sea
Feb 10 2008 - Lesson 8: The Prophet Jacob Is Confronted by Sherem
Feb 17 2008 - Lesson 9: Enos Prays
Feb 24 2008 - Lesson 10: King Benjamin Teaches His People
Mar 02 2008 - Lesson 11: Abinadi and King Noah
Mar 09 2008 - Lesson 45: The Book of Mormon Is a Witness of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Easter)

Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!

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Great blog. My hat's off to all who teach primary.

I'm currently writing a commentary on the Book of Mormon, most for my own consumption, but I started sharing some of it on my blog. If you're interested, I see that you have lessons on the tree of life and Enos. I have comments about both of those subjects posted. You might find them helpful, you might not.

Best of luck teaching your class this year.
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