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Saturday, December 01, 2007
I really need a job.  
Okay, this is just me whining here. Move along if you just don't want to hear it. Because I really need a job.

I need a job in the sense of "I had this babysitting gig last month and they paid me $75 and through intrigue and miserly behavior I managed to stretch it out till today when I had to buy conditioner and now I've got quarters." I need a job in the sense of I designed, like, thirty things on CafePress in a week and a half, and practically jumped out of my seat and sang when my commission total rose above $25 (I should get a check in February.) I need a job in the sense of I am now so depressed that looking at my long list of company HR sites to visit makes me want to convert to Catholicism and become the kind of nun who lives in a cloister and makes bead crafts.

I've sent resumes and brilliant, agonizingly enthusiastic, I spent half an hour re-reading this to make sure it didn't sound desperate cover letters out by the dozen, and other than two OSU administrators who (likely as not) remember me from my time as a student, I haven't had any response at all. Oh, I forgot the auto you stink email from McGraw-Hill, which came about thirty hours after I hit "submit." I was grateful for that message, by the way. There are jobs which OSU's HR site thinks I'm still up for, which have been in "Application Referred" status since August. The only job I've been offered was an 8-day mail room spot from a temp agency, and I had to turn it down because they required Sunday work. I have the HR websites for the top 40 Columbus employers (yes, Daddy, including all the governments -- even Southwestern City Schools is on there,) as well as Craigslist, CareerBuilder, Monster and Jobster on my daily rounds. I email resumes for legal assistant and student adviser and administrative lackey and pretty much everything else, except for call centers and food service (and those are excluded only because I know I won't last long.)

I've started looking at Lansing jobs. I'm considering Salt Lake City. I'm fasting and praying for a job this weekend, and pretending that my self-centered attitude doesn't make me feel guilty. I can't make myself fall asleep at night anymore, and I'm about an inch away from deleting my resume and moving into a cardboard box on High Street out of sheer frustration. Glargh.

I really, really, really need a job.

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Good luck on your job quest! I hope you find a great match for you and your talents!
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