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Thursday, December 06, 2007
Faith in America - the speech  
Liveblogging the Romney speech, yay.

-- President Bush (the first one) looks good for a ninety year old.

-- I did not realize that the first Governor Romney was a friend of the Bush family. Apparently he worked on the Points of Light thing.

-- Dude, Mitt is going grey. We're turning all our best politicians into old men years before their time, anymore (the crummy ones, who stay corrupt city councilmen, obviously not so much.)

-- Everyone likes everyone at this level of politics. I swear it's like watching a fraternity reunion sometimes.

-- World War II versus the Baby Boomers. Heh.

-- Islam, China, Government Spending, Foreign Oil, and Family Breakdown. I think they must have done polls to determine which five issues to talk about all the time: the message control is tighter than ever this year.

-- Woot! Quoting John Adams, yay!

-- Dude. Has it really been almost 50 years since Kennedy's speech?

-- I just realized that journalists must have had this speech at least an hour ahead of time. The captions are perfect.

-- I love this: "A President must serve only the common cause of the people of the United States." Apparently the audience does, too.

-- "Some people believe that such a confession will sink my candidacy."

-- "These are not bases for criticism, but a test of our tolerance."

-- "No candidate should become the spokesman for his faith" is now the MSNBC headline (a second ago it was "I believe in my Mormon faith and endeavor to live by it.")

-- A President Romney would be much more pleasant to listen to than President Bush has been. We should have more public speaking classes in this country.

-- Apparently Romney feels okay with losing the atheist vote.

-- Not to mention the ACLU endorsement.

-- "But I will not separate us from the God who gave us Liberty." Dude, it's like they're channeling the Enlightenment. Someone must have been reading a lot of old pamphlets. Especially the Adams party (Madison, Sam Adams, etc.)

-- "We believe every single human being is a child of God."

-- Again with the quoting of John Adams.

-- He's reused Thompson's claim about no other people having sacrificed more lives "for liberty." (it's arguable, though I wish they'd stop saying it.)

-- "America must never falter in holding high the banner of freedom." Doesn't want the non-interventionist vote, either.

-- MSNBC is using the Adams quote "Freedom and religion endure together or perish alone" as their headline, and attributing it to Romney. Heh.

-- He just referenced Anne Hutchinson! And Roger Williams! And Brigham Young! In one paragraph! It's actually... totally appropriate, given the banishment/journey for religious freedom thing.

-- "Not as a matter of policy, but as a matter of right." Thank you.

-- Ooh, a hit on European secularism. And established religion.

-- And hating on jihad-as-violent-conversion. Good. Makes me think he might actually know the difference (it's not always clear with some of the candidates) between that and the word jihad, which means lots of things.

-- "We do not insist on a single strain of religion."

-- I am SO sure they pulled out the 1765-1800 Adams archives for this. I suppose it's to be expected, the man was governor of Massachusetts, after all.

-- "Any believer in religious freedom has a friend and ally in me."

-- There should be a moratorium on standing ovations. They make crummy television and are an invitation for candidates to make themselves look stupid.

-- Related: I am SO glad Romney doesn't grin like an idiot when he's pleased with something (cf. Les Miles.)

MSNBC mostly likes it.

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