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Saturday, July 01, 2006
I'm not really reading spoilers or reviews yet, since I haven't seen Superman Returns, but my sisters and I rented Superman I and II and had a mini marathon tonight because a) I, for one, hadn't really seen Superman I all the way through, b) I, for one, had completely mixed up elements of Superman II and Battlestar 1980 [don't ask], and c) all three of us were completely unsure as to the actual storylines present in those two movies. Though all three of us remembered Lois dying, none of us could say for certain which movie it was in, one was sure it was in II or III, and another had only ever heard of it.

Anyway, I have officially revised my expectations for Superman Returns downward thusly:

1. I hope that when the audience cheers at the end of the movie, the Laws of Physics will not be weeping in the corner like an abused child.
2. I hope that under no circumstances does Superman or Clark Kent even hint at including any of the following items in his Fortress of Solitude: a bird of paradise freshly gathered from some tropical island, a kitchen, a bottle of champagne, or a bed, with or without shiny silver comforters.
3. I hope that the flying and super fast running doesn't look completely horrible.
4. I hope that at least some of the dialogue is as clever as the clever bits of Superman I.
5. I hope that the first fifteen minutes of the movie don't consist of a montage of moments from Superman I, carefully choreographed to eliminate any sign of Marlon Brando as well as any scenes that will be, of necessity, duplicated in this film.

If I can get those five things, I'll be happy.

(I haven't been blogging much because I've been working, getting ready to start my (hopefully) final undergrad class in September, and posting a lot at LiningUp.Net. I've also been collecting really nice comments on my comments on other peoples' blogs, and trying to come up with a good guest post topic for Millenial Star. So, yeah.)

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I saw the new Superman. Not bad. I wish I had seen it in 3d although only when Sman flies is it in 3d. Still, I love those cool glasses!
I think you will be happy then.

A lot better than Superman III.
wow,a great story!i love it.
the truth is,the story is BORED!
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