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Friday, March 31, 2006
Sackcloth, ashes, etc., and so forth...  
Well, OSU, UCLA, a bunch of random sites with instant self-test mechanisms, and I are all really, really sure that I'm comfortable with the first two quarters of college Russian. It's the fourth quarter that we're in conflict over -- and of course, OSU wins.

So I've got to take one more class before I can graduate. And lo, and behold, the next time it's offered as a classroom experience is... next Fall. And so we must turn to the Individualized Instruction Program, that bastion of C- marks and "hey, why don't I just move to California and take the class at UCLA" inspiration. But the problems I've been ranting about to the Office of Information Technology since January still haven't been fixed; they've finally actually looked (yes, they said they looked back then -- hah!) and it turns out there are "database errors" and... the registration deadline is midnight tonight, and it took so long to actually determine why I couldn't register that of course, everyone had gone home by the time I was informed that the only solution is for an adviser in my college to manually register me. Argh.

But the good news is that I'm an Ohio resident for tuition purposes (see, just being here for years doesn't make you a resident.) Not that I can pay any tuition until I'm registered, of course. Argh, again.

If I can't register this term at all, I'm thinking of trying to arrange for my stuff in California to make its way here. I'm paying a not minor sum (for me) in monthly fees for the rental space, and all of my Russian textbooks are there; I think the gas for the round trip might actually cost less than replacing the books I need to finish the class. Plus the savings on that monthly fee. We'll see.

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