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Friday, December 02, 2005
A stroke of (maybe) luck!  
So my stepdad (hi, Gene!) is driving me to the LSAT tomorrow morning. It's on the OSU campus -- it was, I thought, going to be in the student testing center, but it's not; they've moved it to a different room. And it turns out, I've been in that room before. I've been in that room very often, in fact. I was in that room almost every day in, I think it was, my very first term at OSU -- it's the room I had my (hideously boring) Chemistry 101 lectures in. ^_^

Hopefully, this will get me just slightly better luck on the LSAT than the similar situation with my Foreign Service Oral Exam did (I got 5.25 on that, with a required minimum score of 5.5 -- then again, that's like, 90th percentile right there.) I doubt the secretary in charge of the exam will be one I've worked with before, though (I've only worked in Maintenance, Astronomy, and Payroll at OSU,) which was pretty much the coolest part about the FSOE. Seriously, all the other candidates were impressed by the whole "she recognized you" thing.

Anyway, I'm doing laundry so I'll have warm AND clean clothes to wear for tomorrow (I might put them back in the dryer a few minutes before we leave; it's going to be near 0 tomorrow morning) and I'm going to take the night off of thinking about the LSAT and being on the computer, by watching Stargate while reading the third Harry Potter book (it can be accomplished, I've done it before!) Wish me luck!

Oh, before I forget, I'd like to dedicate my performance on the LSAT tomorrow to:

Arwyn (for extraordinary helpfulness and generosity)
Stephen (Ethesis) (for having written some seriously thoughtful advice)
My parents (for material support), especially my mom (who already did all this stuff -- I find that very helpful, psychologically at least)
eBay (for providing the means for me to get my critical PowerScore book)
PowerScore (for writing my critical Logic Games Bible)

And all my friends, for putting up with me for the last two months. Thanks, everyone! ^_^

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