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Thursday, December 29, 2005
My Own Law School Rankings!  
Celebrate my brilliance with me! My sisters don't care and my parents are watching 24 (hi, Mom!) and I've come up with my very own rankings for law schools. This is just one of the several dozen different rankings I'm working on: Columbus Recruiting/Law Firm Reputation.

I went to the NALP site and copied down all of the places that the fifteen employers listed in Columbus said they did on-campus interviews at. I gave each school a raw rank, based on the number of "votes" -- Ohio State, unsurprisingly, came in first (Capital, Case Western, Michigan and Vanderbilt rounded out the top five, in that order.) Then I weighted each vote: the three firms with the largest pool of schools got a 5, the next three got a 4, etc. The top 5 schools stayed the same; Cleveland Marshall and Notre Dame fared worse, Akron fared very badly (dropping from 21 st to 30th.) Then I weighted the scores for each school by region/big name: big name schools were penalized by dividing by 6, Columbus area schools by 5, etc. Lots of changes came in that round: Vanderbilt moved up to first, and Michigan moved up to second, tying with Washington & Lee and Boston College.

Then I thought about it, and decided that on a practical level, given that the whole idea is to measure Columbus area reputation (I'll be doing something similar for Washington DC, Salt Lake City, and a few other markets I think I'd enjoy living/working in,) I should weigh those original votes a LOT more than the others. The final composite ranking is...

Composite Rank/School Name/Composite Sore
1/Ohio State/4.6
3/Case Western/5.8
9/Cleveland Marshall/15
11/Notre Dame/17
12/Boston College/17.2
12/Washington and Lee/17.2
15/Washington University/19.8
21/American University/26.6
21/Boston University/26.6
21/George Washington/26.6
25/North Carolina/30
26/Wake Forest/31
27/Indiana - Bloomington/31.8
31/William and Mary/41
*** Recruiting Fair ***
*** Recruiting Fair ***
40/Ohio Northern/48
42/Catholic University/54.4
44/Franklin Pierce/57.8
47/Boalt Hall/60.2
*** Recruiting Fair ***
50/Salmon P. Chase College of Law/66.8
*** Recruiting Fair ***
*** Recruiting Fair ***
54/SUNY at Buffalo/72

Yes, that's right, Yale was only given about as many on-campus interviews as a couple of career fairs. Obviously, their reputation would win out over the whole "we never came to your school to do interviews" thing; the point of my own research is not, generally, to try and convince myself that I'll have a better career than a Yale grad (as I'm not, clearly, going to Yale myself.) The point is all those other schools -- the ones I don't know much about, like Vanderbilt or Dayton -- that you wouldn't necessarily think of as "feeders" to Ohio law firms. Schools where I might actually be a good fit (both for admissions and afterwards,) and by the way still have a good career back here, if this is where I decide to work.

In case you're wondering, these are the employers in Columbus that I looked at (the number of places they reported recruiting at is in quotes; one of them put at the botton of their list of 25 or so locations that they interview at "over 40 schools," but they didn't say which ones so I could only count the ones they listed):

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP -- "Very Large"
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP -- "Very Large"
Thompson Hine LLP -- "Very Large"
Frost Brown Todd LLC -- "Large"
Baker & Hostetler LLP -- "Large"
Bricker & Eckler LLP -- "Large"
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP -- "Medium Large"
Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro's Office -- "Medium Large"
Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP -- "Medium Large"
Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP -- "Medium Small"
Schottenstein, Zox, & Dunn Co., LPA -- "Medium Small"
Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter -- "Medium Small"
Ohio State Legal Services Association -- "Small"
Chester, Willcox & Saxbe, LLP -- "Small"
Bailey Cavalieri LLC -- "Small"

Obviously some of those firms are probably larger than what it seemed from their lists; I decided against ranking them by actual size or the number of lawyers they recruited because, well, the spreadsheet was already quite large, and an initial glance indicated it wouldn't change the top rankings much. I mean, considering that the three firms classified as "very large" interviewed at almost every school on the list (every single one of them, at a minimum, interviewed at Ohio State.)

Oh, I found out my official, final GPA at OSU (unless they make me take more Russian -- I'm hoping they don't, even if it could help my GPA) -- 2.891. Slightly higher than I thought, and depending on how LSDAS calculates my GPA I could actually get up above 3.0 with all those A's from everything I've done since 2001. A 3.0 and a 170... that really doesn't sound that bad. Sigh.



A 170 is really good, but i read your comment on the NLJ bar rate. I personally don't think your LSAT has anything whatsoever to do with what your law school GPA is going to be and definitely not whether you can pass the bar or get a job. Once you are admitted, your LSAT might as well be how many pullups you did in the third grade. The LSAT is a measure of your "potential" to do well in law school. But it seems like you are motivated and excited, so best of luck to you. You are in for a tough ride. Hang in there, and you will be fine.

As far as schools like Yale go, I personally hold them in contempt as elitist and snobby. But the reason is that Yale grads spread far and wide across the nation. Another huge reason is that Yale and Harvard grads are prime candidates to teach. I am not sure a percentage, but I would say that it is very high as far as other law schools go.

Anyway, I won't waste any more of your time. Good luck!
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