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Saturday, December 31, 2005
The Finish Line!  
I offer a challenge to members of the Church throughout the world and to our friends everywhere to read or reread the Book of Mormon. If you will read a bit more than one and one-half chapters a day, you will be able to finish the book before the end of this year.

Well, that was issued in August, but I didn't start till October 16th. And, as of today, I still hadn't read anything past the end of 3rd Nephi, leaving me with 35 chapters, or 130 pages, to go. My copy of Excel started freaking out around 8pm -- it said I needed to average 769 chapters a day to finish on time! It said I wouldn't be done till January 13th at this rate.

But it was wrong. ^_^

Completion Dates (by book):
Title Page -- 16 October 2005
Introduction -- 16 October 2005
The Testimony of Three Witnesses -- 16 October 2005
The Testimony of Eight Witnesses -- 16 October 2005
Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith -- 16 October 2005
First Nephi (1 Ne.) -- 26 October 2005
Second Nephi (2 Ne.) -- 27 October 2005
Jacob (Jacob) -- 9 December 2005
Enos (Enos) -- 9 December 2005
Jarom (Jarom) -- 9 December 2005
Omni (Omni) -- 9 December 2005
Words of Mormon (W of M) -- 9 December 2005
Mosiah (Mosiah) -- 15 December 2005
Alma (Alma) -- 20 December 2005
Helaman (Hel.) -- 20 December 2005
Third Nephi (3 Ne.) -- 30 December 2005
Fourth Nephi (4 Ne.) -- 31 December 2005
Mormon (Morm.) -- 31 December 2005
Ether (Ether) -- 31 December 2005
Moroni (Moro.) -- 31 December 2005

Erm, yeah, that book of Jacob was a rough one. Not to mention Helaman. Heh.

Anyway, though my powers of procrastination were great, my powers of determination were greater. Whee! And with nearly two hours to spare!

Now I just have to find a job, and I can change my signature at LiningUp.Net to something other than my current to-do list.

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