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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Another year, gone!  
Well, okay, not quite, but I'm wrapping up the final touches on my last lesson in Primary CTR-7B. They just changed presidencies, and I'm going to be teaching CTR-8A next year; it'll mostly be the same kids but I'll be doing a lot of things differently (the biggest change will be administrative: this year they'll be divided into teams, and will be competing for points in behavior and helpfulness and Gospel knowledge.)

Anyway, for my last lesson (which is on Christmas -- we're not having Primary on Christmas Day) I'm focusing on the 3 Nephi 1:13 line: "Behold, the time is at hand!" and especially on the idea that these people were waiting and waiting and waiting for so long, and didn't know when this huge great thing was going to happen, and then all of a sudden, it was happening. I'm dividing the class into two halves: Jerusalem and Zarahemla. The kids in Zarahemla will get Lamanite feather headbands (I know, I know, but I can't very well make them whole costumes) and the kids in Jerusalem will get shepherd's crooks. Tomorrow I'm making a star to turn on at the appropriate moment in the lesson -- it'll use one string of Christmas lights and some pieces of wood to give it shape. I'm still trying to sort out how I'm going to divide the classroom -- trying to decide if there's enough time and if I'll have enough hands to bring in a proper large body of water to separate the two sides of the room. I've already picked out how I'm going to represent each place: pictures on one side of a Mayan temple and the Madrid Codex and stuff, and on the other, a model of the Temple in Christ's time and a map of the old city and, well, a bunch of sheep. ^_^

The take-aways will be a Lamanite feather and a sheep, each, plus a cute bookmark with "Behold, the time is at hand!" in big letters and a cute star I made in Publisher. Oh, and unless serious fighting breaks out, they'll get to keep whichever props they're assigned. I'm sort of hoping less than 5 kids show up, just so I can keep some of the props for the future (though I can't imagine what I'd do with them, unless I put them in some kind of a portfolio for preschool teacher job interviews.)

Oh, and I'm just over halfway done with the Book of Mormon now; I'm in Alma 26. I'll be trying to finish Alma before we go to church on Sunday; that'll make the final push through to the end much, much nicer.

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