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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Happy Birthday to Me!  
I am now old enough to rent a car (if I ever get a credit card again - thanks for reminding me, Gene) and run for Congress and all kinds of fun stuff. Quarter of a century old, more than 1/3rd of the way to "there's no way you can deny you're an old person now" land. And I got to sleep in this morning. WOOT.

Now, one person telling me "you know, I have no idea what to get you for your birthday," you can easily dismiss. Two, and you might wonder if you're some kind of closed book. Three such comments, though, and it's time to take action.

After five years, I have finally updated my Amazon.Com wishlist. There shouldn't be any more VHS format stuff on there. There shouldn't be anything that sold out in mid-2002. There shouldn't be any comments apologizing for being a Harry Potter fan, any requests for my non-air conditioned dorm, etc. I deleted everything I didn't want or had bought for myself. There are 150 items, ranging in price from $5 to $200. Let's be clear, though. These are all things I'd love to get. I heart presents greatly. Don't think this is some kind of creepy "you must buy things for me you evil people" thing, though. I don't hold the universe under an obligation to get me stuff. This is just to fulfill a request. Three of them, actually. So, go forth and shop. Or not. ^_^

And have a happy My Birthday. Each and every one of you. Do it. Do it now!


Happy birthday!

BTW, for some reason, I can't get your comments to work in firefox so I have to log in on another browser.

But: "Happy Birthday!"

Stephen M (Ethesis)
Happy Birthday. I miss your anti-violence hugs. :)
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