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Friday, October 28, 2005
Disillusioned, Etc.  
[A]s a faltering/wavering member, the bloggernaccle is where I come to sincerely and earnestly try to work through some of my doubts. Even though I don’t always comment, I ALWAYS read. I find/found some strength here in the bloggernaccle. I went from reading View from the Foyer every day to reading Times and Seasons and feeling hopeful.

Of course, one wonders how exactly you can do that when at least two of the folks you were gaining strength from were complicit in a rather hefty conspiracy/hoax.

Everyone else already said good stuff at a blog I'm still pretty sure is real, in the comments.

My picks are...

Sue, who wrote that above quote, also wrote...
I just never thought the bloggernaccle was a place where I had to worry about getting punked.

[I]t isn’t even the fake BOH blog, it’s the fact that you lose faith in the whole idea of a bloggernaccle community of people whose “light” you might be able to borrow for a while, people who you might be able to trust a little not to deliberately lead you in the wrong direction, and ask occasional doctrinal advice from. You wouldn’t get advice from the folks from the Banner, obviously (because they were a little too strange), but the naccle in general - only it turns out you can’t trust any of them either - they’re all in on it - isn’t that hilarious? I feel like an idiot.

JKS, too:
[T]o find out that people are just screwing around, playing mind games, and snickering with their fellow in crowd naccle buddies - it’s disappointing.

And Maria, who sums the specific matter up well:
I read BoH on a pretty regular basis, but I never once posted. Nevertheless, I feel an extreme loss of respect for those involved and a general disillusionment with the bloggernacle as a whole.

My take? I put it in the comments there, but since everyone's already moved on, here you go again:

I've never been so glad to be a "personal"/"light extemporania"/"sooooo not a bloggernacle blogger" person. Even the jerks on slashdot live up to a minimal "reveal your real identity or be seen as an annonymous coward" structure. I can't really look down on them for being meaner or less considerate or less "real" than anyone in the bloggernacle now, now can I?

For the record, I'm a real person, and so is everyone else I know. I really did stand in line for Star Wars (twice!), I really do teach in Primary, I really am looking for a job, and yes, I really am a Mormon. As far as I'm aware, all of the sites I've linked to on my blogroll are, if annonymous, then obviously so -- and 20.7% are people I've met in person (one of them's my mom.) She really is my mom. Honest. I swear. No, really. Sigh. It was a lot easier when everyone else was telling the truth, too, you know?

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