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Monday, September 19, 2005
Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me buckos. In honor o' that, today's post be full o' richy, piratey goodness.

I've got too much t' do, and not enough time t' do it, but it's me day off and I don't care. I'm probably goin' t' reschedule t' LSAT, just t' give meself more time t' get that score up. Honestly, I think I'd be improvin' smartlyer if it weren't for t' fact I was already gettin' a pretty decent score, mateys. I'll defin' take it in December, though, should I move t' date aft once (i.e. I won't move it aft t' February if it looks like me score be still stuck below 160 at t' end o' November.)

In oth'r news, it's less than two months t' NaNoWriMo, and I've actually got a plot I be likin' this year, mateys. I think last year's project was fatally flawed, in that th' story I wanted t' tell had characters I liked, but no day t' day conflict.

Jus' now I got a call from t' Blackwell campaign for gov'nor. T' race mus' be heatin' up now, I takes it.

Lastly, we did our rehearsal for Sharin' Time yesterday. I keep havin' to remember what things sound like to yer average 7-year-old -- I'm changin' th' stuff to make it easier, not harder (me bilge rats had a very hard time understandin' th' concept, and I think "good or bad" is easier than "which one is good") and I'm also goin' to bite th' bullet and use 100 lb. Bristol instead of th' drawin' paper I got (me test quote pages got totally trashed in rehearsals.) I may also go ahead and create "hold to th' rod" props to place along th' path to th' Tree of Life, provided I can find me some rod pieces that will look all ri' (I don't think th' ought to be shiny, see.)

Oh, jus' a fair word o' warning, me hearties -- Lost premieres this week, and Battlestar Galactica goes on i' fall hiatus. Apparently th' powers that be only want one good TV show on at a time anymore, the blaggards. Shiver me timbers!

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arrrgh, I missed talk like a pirate day! Well, at least I swabbed the decks as a memorandum.
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