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Sunday, July 10, 2005
Well, it's a start...  
I took one of my mom's computerized LSAT practice tests just now. All I can say is... heh.

Okay, fine, I can say more than that.

The score I got, according to the computer, was 153. This is not as good as I'd hope for, though to put it in some perspective I can recall that the first time I took a practice SAT I got an 1150 score (my eventual score was 1380.) Also, it'd qualify me for a 50% scholarship at my mom's law school. Still, I need to raise that by about 15 points before the end of September.

The -- how shall I put it -- greatest area of "opportunity" is, unsurprisingly, the Games section. I had to flat-out guess on two of the questions (always a terrible sign) and got just 45% of the questions right. For comparison's sake, I got 64% of the Reading Comprehension questions right, and 71% of the Arguments section right. I had a feeling the Games section would be the worst, since I'm not much good at the logic games in puzzle books.

My eventual goal is to get 85% or more of the questions right on the practice exams (that works out to a score around 170, I believe.) I figure I'll have to put in at least 10-15 hours of work to raise my practice score by 1-3 points (I figure it's something like five hours per point, but it probably won't work out quite like that) and I have a little less than 2,000 total hours between right now and the start of the test (that translates into a more convenient 'nearly 11 weeks,' by the way.) Anyway, since my goal is to gain 17 points, I figure an hour or two a day for the next, you know, 82 days, will be more than sufficient. I can probably even take Sundays off. I suspect I'll try another practice test every week or so; expect boring analysis like this every five to ten days, therefore.

Bleh. 153.


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