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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Some things never change...  
So, the Atlantic Monthly (article expires July 28th, 2005) did a profile of Mitt Romney. A few people have noticed that its tone was inappropriate. I tend to agree, and sent the Atlantic Monthly a letter:

Re: The "Holy Cow!" Candidate

I note with displeasure the final section of your article on Mitt Romney, in which your correspondant Sridhar Pappu asked the governor about his LDS temple garments. Pappu characterized himself as being "uncomfortable" asking the question.

Of course he was uncomfortable. That's what happens when you ask something grossly inappropriate like that, and then publish it in a national forum. That question is the grossest possible combination of "boxers or briefs" and "how many days out of the week do you go to church?" Neither question is germane to anything but sensationalism and superficial notions regarding spirituality. The question is not a proxy for "how Mormon are you?" -- and even if it was, it wouldn't need to be asked in this interview, given that the governor answered that very question immediately before hand.

It almost seems like the question was designed to slap readers in the face. 'Ooh, ooh, let's talk about the(peculiar) habits of the (obviously creepy) Mormon candidate for President!' I can't imagine why the interviewer would want to do that -- my goodness, that might obscure the actual issues and let people rest on nonsensical prejudices. Might even make them decide to vote for a 'safer' Democrat, whose underwear and religious practices are left essentially unexamined, as they should be in all cases.

But that would be an indication of prejudice on the part of this publication, and we can't have that. So I'm going to interpret the inclusion of this question as simple immaturity, and poor judgement, on the part of your editorial staff. One hopes you'll refrain from such choices in the future; I'll look to your presumably upcoming profile of Harry Reid to see if you can control yourselves in the future.

(The governor is a topic of conversation within the Bloggernacle at large, of course...)

I don't know whether I'd vote for Romney for President or not. But I know I'd never give an interview to Sridhar Pappu.


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