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Thursday, July 07, 2005
I hate tents!  
Okay, so some friends decided to arrange a "we'd really like to see you" thing for Comic-Con, in which all of this year's birthday presents are going towards airfare and such, and I'm actually able to go. Which is cool, and I love them, and yay for Comic-Con.

BUT. My major logistical contribution is the tent. Yes, we are camping out for Comic-Con (and when you consider that Larry is spending like $760 for five nights in a hotel...) and it'll be fun. Assuming, of course, that we can get a tent that will work. Since there will be between 2 and 5 people in the tent every night, I figured a nice, large, 2- or 3-room tent would be perfect. And it just so happens that my family has one of those, in the garage. 10ft x 14ft, 2 rooms, woohoo!

Or not. Now, let's ignore the fact that I haven't actually asked if I can use the tent yet (I figured I should see if it's still in working order,) because the tent isn't in working order! We're missing two critical elements: the instructions, and 1 Tent Pole Segment #2. For reference's sake, the tent should look like this, only a different color and without those awning things. Tent Pole Segment #2 is one of the two types of tent segments that goes straight across the top of the tent. In this case, we're looking for one of the two side arches, rather than the one down the middle. Ugh.

Anyway, setting up tents (especially ones this large) is already not a ton of fun, but with rusty/sticky tent poles (don't worry guys, if I can use the tent I'll clean the poles before I pack them up) and not enough space/light and with all these annoying setbacks (why do we have pieces left over, AND missing pieces too????)it's extra BLEH. I can't even figure out who made the tent (American Broadway? Greatland? Neither actually exists... I think they're both North Pole Ltd. brands.) Like I said, BLEH.

That is all.


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