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Saturday, June 11, 2005
A thousand words...  
Okay. I'm sick of not having a camera. Yes, it's taken two years to get to this point (my old one broke in April of 2003,) and I feel justified in blaming Caroline for this.

Anyway, I've got (or soon will have) a $50 voucher from Best Buy (my old cell phone simply will not stay on, so I'm applying for a replacement voucher,) so I'll have to get this camera from them. And, once I have a job I'll have bazillions of things to pay for (insurance, gas, rent of the storage shed, rent at home [?], student loans, food, shampoo...) -- and of course, I don't have a job yet (prayers will be much appreciated around 9am Tuesday morning, by the way,) so things will be even tighter as I'll have stuff to buy that I've been putting off (I must, for instance, get a job before I run out of toothpaste.) So. I don't think that realistically I'll be able to spend more than 5% of my weekly pay for the summer (or about $150-200) on this camera. That puts the upper limit of my price range at around $149-179, I think (since the $50 will be largely offset by the price of a memory card and taxes.)

I'd like to get a camera that can at least do ordinary portrait size photos (8x10), can do a bit of the pretty sunset/super up-close flower/cool shot of a tractor from the side of the road type photography, as well as get good shots of Ohio Stadium from the banks of the Olentangy River and photos of my friends at conventions and such. I want to be able to take the camera places (camping, Europe, whatever) and I want it to still be a decent-yet-fun camera in four or five years. I don't need to be able to do fancy tricks (take a photo with a sepia filter, say) with the camera itself; that's what Paint Shop Pro is for.

I want to have a memory system that isn't insanely expensive ($100 for 1gb of memory is probably my limit,) and I want to be able to take more than one photo every 20 seconds. I want to have one of those LCD screens. I definitely want to be able to upload photos directly to a computer using a USB port. I'd like to be able to put the thing on a tripod, since Caroline has one of those and I think they're useful. I want the memory system to be available in five years; it'd be swell to get one that's compatible with lots of different readers. I don't want the camera to insist on me installing a ton of proprietary software just to get my photos on the computer.

I like video, but it's not a big deal to me if I can't have it. I need to be able to do a moderate amount of fiddling with the zoom and such. I have to be able to turn off the flash, to force the flash to go off, etc. Oh, and I want to be able to fit the camera in an ordinary size small camera bag -- I already own three of the things, and don't want to get anything else, especially anything bigger. I don't need the thing to fit in my pocket, though.

It would, incidentally, be swell if the thing had either a really strong battery that can go a few days (say 12 hours of operation) without recharging, or uses AA batteries (since I already own a recharger and 8 rechargeable AA batteries.) Weeks of working at the photo booth across from it's a small world has permanently soured me on special size batteries for cameras.

Anyway, are there suggestions or comments or anything? Anyone know of a camera that would fit those requirements? My last camera was a 3.2mp (I think) Olympus Camedia, and I liked it -- my biggest thing is just being able to get slightly higher resolution on my photos (I'm sorry, but using real film has spoiled me on that one.) I'd like to have a slightly more intuitive control system, too -- I'd had that camera for more than a year before I was comfortable with even simple stuff like scrolling through all the photos on my card.


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