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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
This doesn't make much sense...  

Okay, first off, yay for more theme parks! I want to be the first one to work at them all. ^_~

Second off, there are lots and lots of disgruntled former Disney employees. Please seek some of us out and get help with your theming, guys. Eco-Tourism World? Bleh.

Third... how much do you expect to pay your employees? The reason I ask is, well, if you're expecting to have 300,000 people working there, and only 200,000 visiting per day, that means that you have to have every one of your guests supporting the salaries of 1.5 workers, and all the marginal and fixed costs of their stay, AND all the profits you anticipate getting per guest. That's going to be hard. Disney and most of the other Western theme parks charge between $25 and $55 (the premier ones are all over $45) per day in admissions; meals cost about 1.6 times what you'd pay for them in the outside world, and most retail items cost 20-50% more than what you'd pay at the stores across the street from the main gates. The hotels run at a premium, too. Most of the workers make a little less than your average unskilled worker in the local economy... and their ratios are more like 30,000 workers for 120,000 guests (actually, the Disneyland Resort, excluding the hotel, employs around 22,200 people, and gets 11,000 guests on a VERY slow day and 90,000+ on a really busy day; max capacity is over 100,000, if you include Downtown Disney, which has no entry fee.)

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how this one pans out. And for the geographically challenged amongst my readers...

Hat Tip: BoingBoing


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