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Saturday, March 12, 2005
The power of just one link...  
So imagine my surprise when I reopened my personal start page (wrote the HTML myself, of course -- who needs a flaky corporation doing things like that for them?) and found that today I'm a Crawly Amphibian in the TLB Ecosystem.

Why, you ask? Why, when I've been a crustacean for most of the last two years, and a fish for only 3 out of the last 7 months (not consecutively, either?)

Because someone cool linked to me! And I don't just say that she's cool because she linked to me -- her coolness rating is a matter of strictly objective observation on my part. I like DDR too -- and yes, I'm definitely a Tolkienite -- and Russian, though sadly you can't tell from my blog (and I haven't updated SamizBlog in approximately two years -- maybe that's a good project for the line?)

Anyway, yay! I've got to write my Primary lesson for tomorrow (I believe we've finally gotten to the lesson on baptism -- since we did repentance last week.) But I'll post more later; I've finished compiling a fairly authoritative list of media contacts here in Columbus (I still need all the university-based papers and radio stations in Ohio,) and have written to both of the Star Wars line participants in the Columbus area (one I know will be at the Lennox -- I don't know if the other will be at Grauman's, the Lennox, or what) to find out if they want me to mention them in my letters and phone calls. I even posted a note to the spoiler filled Columbus Fan Force boards... hopefully what I said won't be considered spamming. I hate it when I break rules and such, even if it's unintentional (their TOS didn't say I couldn't -- but you never know.)

Anyway, will post more later tonight. For now, the Primary 3 manual calls to me...


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