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Sunday, March 27, 2005
Nooow it's time to say good-byyyyyyyyye....  
Okay, so I'm not actually leaving for Los Angeles until the 4th, right? Right. But tomorrow will be my last chance to see my CTR7s until May twenty-somethingth (so not a word.) Which means that tonight was the night to write the "Sub Pack" for the marvelous substitute teacher the Primary Presidency found to cover for me for seven weeks (no class on April 3rd, due to General Conference.)

It was kind of sad, but also fun. This sub pack has to be a lot more involved than the one I gave Caroline, since I'll be gone longer and since this teacher hasn't heard about these kids every Sunday since January 1st. My favorite part?

This is how our class is usually organized. Feel free to deviate or make up a whole new routine on your own; the kids have been warned and they all agreed it was their job to follow your rules. They're looking for all the cool stuff that you come up with that they can tell me how to do, when I get back.

We talked about it in class last Sunday (I got lots of hugs.) And they were the ones who came up with the "we'll watch for her good ideas so that we can tell you about them when you come back!" thing. Isn't that cool? I think it's cool. I'm not sure how firm an awareness of "two months from now" these kids have (most aren't even seven years old yet) but they know it's a long, long time. I'm glad they're not freaking out, and have (hopefully) internalized the idea that it's okay and expected that they accept the new teacher's regime. Says the woman who has yet to teach the Last Lesson. Eeeeek...


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