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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
LDS Blog vs. LDS Blogger  
Okay, call me short-sighted, but it never really occured to me that there would be LDS Blogs out there until I stumbled onto Times & Seasons (and concurrently, Jeff Lindsay's Mormanity blog.)

I knew there were LDS Bloggers out there -- Gordon Smith, for instance -- and after all, I was one myself. But LDS blogs? I wasn't even particularly aware of narrow topic blogs like that until I read some of the relatively obscure blogs that Glenn Reynolds likes to link to.

Anyway, since then I've become rather enamoured of the various LDS blogs, as such -- but I still prefer to read the blogs written by people who are LDS, but which aren't limited to LDS topics. Indeed, other than Times and Seasons, Millenial Star, and Mormanity, the LDS bloggers in my blogroll are general topic types -- Celibate in the City, Job 21:3, etc. I kind of find it boring to read about nothing but LDS stuff all the time, but I like reading things from other Latter-day Saints out there. I like the perspective, not necessarily the constant focus on church topics. That's what I hope I'm doing here at EIL -- it's pretty obvious I'm LDS, but (except for my occasional "I hate preparing Sharing Time lessons" post) that's now what I'm really writing about. Which is not to say I write about any given topic with any great frequency...

All of which is a very roundabout way of saying to those of you who are trying to categorize Eleventh In Line: I am an LDS blogger, but this is not an LDS blog. Please categorize accordingly. ^_^


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