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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
I may go insane before this is through  
Or possibly, before it's even started.

LUN has been planning the Star Wars line as a collective for over a year.

We've known the Star Wars line was going to last six weeks since 2002.

We've known that "Ep. III Release Date" - 6 Weeks = April 7th for at least as long as the collective has been in force.

Mysterious forces decided -- without public discussion that I saw, or any kind of "hey, guys, just to warn you, we're thinking of starting this thing early" notice to the general community -- to start it on April 2nd, on Friday (15 days before the start of the line.)

I had changed my plane ticket from Saturday the 2nd to Monday the 4th (since I couldn't make their INSANELY EARLY BRUNCH either) on Thursday.

Yeah, see, and I'm on a team whose goals include convincing people in other countries and states that we really want them to come to the line. At least with other changes, new people wouldn't have known about the "old" ways, and it wouldn't have bothered them.


This is what I'll be posting to LUN just as soon as the posting mechanism is back up. Yes, it's insanely bitter. I'm kind of in that mood right now.

I'm sorry, but this is really bugging me now.

Can I please get an affirmative, "we love people from other states and countries, we really want you to come to the Star Wars line, we understand exactly how expensive and disruptive to your lives it is for you to come down here, and we realize that it's hard to coordinate your participation in our line and we're really glad you're doing it and YAY for you" post from everyone right now?


Because right now, as an out of towner, things aren't looking that great.

I mean, okay, team meetings can't be attended. I can see that. Teleconferences are impractical, can't be held effectively in restaraunts, and anyway cost me long distance money.

Some people found travel hours incredibly offensive and/or unfair. I can see that. They change the final line-up order and so forth. Did you really earn those hours or not, etc. And travel hours made me 11th in line instead of 10th, so.

Now the line date -- we've been talking about a six week line for what, three years? What exactly is [the movie release date] - 42 days? What was the supposition in the FAQ? What did Sarah (the other Sarah, the real one) say in that thread from not even two weeks ago?

Moreover, where was the "umm, hey, what do you all think about moving the line date to five days earlier than normal" thread? Where was the "is a fancy Saturday brunch better than the evening get-together going to achieve our purposes" discussion? Where was the transparency? Forget the transparency, where was the advance notice???

Anyway, I won't yell anymore (though you all have most firmly reestablished my belief in my own unilateral decision-making process.) But I'd appreciate a little reassurance right now. Out of towners invest a lot in this line, in terms of finances and time, all in one fell swoop -- to say nothing of the emotional/psychological investment. The kids in my Sunday School class were near tears when I said I was leaving for two months.

I'm sort of feeling like they're the only ones who care.



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