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Sunday, March 27, 2005
The hand-off  
Has taken place. Sort of. I gave the Primary President my teacher's manual today, because I couldn't find the substitute she had designated. Hopefully she (the sub) will get it before April 10th -- there's lots and lots (and lots!) of advice in it. And, you know, the lesson materials (those are available online, though.) And the list of Primary Presidency members.

Anyway, it was both sad and fun, despite a (very) rocky start. I have some kind of cold/allergy thing going on, and I also slept in. A lot. As in, we normally leave for church (which starts at 1pm) around 12:15. My sister Laura woke me up at 12:16! So I rushed out, and forgot the glove (for the cool death-and-resurrection object lesson) and the eggs (each with the name of a witness of Christ's resurrected body inside) at home. And when we got to church, everyone had moved up a row, which meant we weren't in the second row from the front (as normal -- and generally no one sits in front of us) but rather in the front-front row (excluding the half-row reserved for families with diabled members, which is the real front row.) It was just very bizarre. I also begged off giving the closing prayer (a continual risk, sitting in the front -- usually the bishop either asks my stepfather, or the mom or dad of the family that sits two rows behind us) because of my voice (I sound like a frog -- and no, fasting didn't help that condition; next time I'm sick I'm NOT going to avoid drinking water and juice, as I could barely talk by the time Primary started.) That worked out okay, because the brother who gave the closing prayer did an awesome job; much better than I would have.

We also had investigators (or rather, a member and an investigator) sit in our row. It was really extraordinary.

So then we went to Jr. Primary (not my sister, just me and the kids and the other teachers, obviously) and I found out that it was totally okay that I forgot the glove and the eggs -- first off, both Singing Time (pick an egg and inside we have the next song we're going to sing!) and Sharing Time (pick an egg; inside is a symbol relating to Easter and also a scripture we'll read!) used eggs. Then I got the (I think pretty cool) idea of using my nylon dance jacket as an object lesson -- the jacket represents the body (instead of the glove.) This results in a much more effective demonstration. First you do a dance, then you throw the jacket on the ground, and then you say, "Can it dance now?"

Admittedly, the shock value is somewhat higher. But I didn't "get" that glove thing until I was about 14 years old and had seen it at least three times, and I think they "got" it with my demonstration. ^_^ So it's really okay that I forgot the glove, honest.

We went over the "I'm leaving for two months" thing again -- further annoyance was declared due to me missing one of their birthdays, but also, "It's okay, because you'll be back practically right after." We also had some fun with "will you be back by Christmas?" type questions. And I told them I'll be contacting the sub to find out how they behave, and their behavior will translate into more (or fewer) CTR Points. Forgot the stickers I was going to use to reward them, but it didn't seem to matter. I may not need to work as hard at getting them away from "materialistic" rewards as I thought I would (though I suspect it'll all be ruined next year by some super cool teacher who gives them stuff all the time.)

Oh, and speaking of annoying cool teachers. I told the kids we wouldn't be having any kind of a snack today since it was Fast Sunday. Guess what EVERY OTHER LITTLE KID IN THE ENTIRE WARD had when exiting their classes? Hmmm?

Let's just say it was pastel and chock-full of SUGAR. Argh. I stand by my policy, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the kids think it's massively unfair and arbitrary. I would, too, in their position.


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