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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Dread Tales of the New Jedi Order!  

No, really, arrrggh. I bought Vector Prime about three years ago -- two weeks before moving to California, actually, in November of 2001. I haaaaaaated it, because I can't stand RA Salvatore. Every three paragraphs I come across something that shouldn't have survived even a cursory read-through by his editor, and it really annoys me. Also, he manages to make me hate characters I've always liked, simply due to the pain -- nay, the agony -- of slogging through his characterization.

So it's not really surprising that I left it in Ohio when I moved.

Of course, then I moved back -- and during those early days with little to do and not much unpacked except the clothes I'd brought with me, that evil book was sitting there saying, "Hey, have you read me?" Of course I hadn't. And an unread book is, to me, what an unopened package of Oreos is to the general public. Unsurprisingly, I read it. I think my eyes bled a few times, but I got through it.

And then I was stuck. It was a cliffhangerish, "turn the next page to see the start of chapter 47" ending.

I bought the Stackpole books (Dark Tide I and II) a few weeks later. That was seven weeks ago. Since then I've read 17 of the next 18 books -- I have two left, plus Ylesia, an e-book I won't buy until it's in print somewhere.

And I don't even really much like the series. I just couldn't stop.

So I'm going to inflict the series on you all. I'm re-reading Vector Prime now (THE PAIN!!! THE UNENDURABLE, INDESCRIBABLE PAAAAAAAAIN!!!!) and will review it this week sometime. We'll only have 20 to go through after that, I swear.

You probably don't want to hear about my Star Trek novel collection today, so I'll hold off for a while...


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