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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Annoying and alarming your home teacher in less than 80 minutes a month...  
So, my stepdad was asked to join the High Priests' Quorum, since he's, you know, not 30 anymore. When that happens, they give you a new home teacher. In our case, perhaps our new home teacher selection was due to the fact that I bugged the bishop over when we'd be getting a new assignment -- because he assigned us his father-in-law and elder son.


See, we're nuts. Really quite mad, sometimes. And we're not afraid to show it. We have beer steins on the piano and three cats and a half dozen musical instruments and a library with something like 4,000 books (and a lot more books in boxes not currently in the library), and a sword collection and oh yeah, five crazy people, in our house.

Our last home teacher -- the dad of one of the kids in my Primary class -- was great. He's a therapist of some sort, and I think his professional outlook really helped him cope with us. He was always: smile -- "wow, that's great" -- nod politely -- "as I was saying..." to our diversions, such as talking about my stepdad's time in Baptist day school, Caroline's dislike of patronizing/condescending religious discussions, and the Star Wars line.

Our new home teacher just gets this look which seems to say, "how exactly am I supposed to explain this in the next meeting with the bishop?" And his grandson -- who's in between Caroline and Laura in age -- mostly sits in the corner (normally he's a little annoying, as 16-17 year old boys tend to be) and distracts himself with the cats. Today we went crazy -- it was a lot of fun. My best line was in response to a question re: the Atonement of Christ. The home teacher said: "What had to happen first, then?" (he was looking for the Fall of Adam, I think.) I replied "The War in Heaven. Or, you know, matter coalescing -- but that's getting into questions you don't want to deal with during today's lesson on Easter..." The younger home teacher then put in something about those "chicken or the egg" questions. About five minutes later, my stepdad started showing off the swords.

I'm pretty sure we're going to get called in for a "what on earth kind of drugs are you people on" meeting any day now. My only defense is that I was the only one wearing shoes today -- and I had my scriptures with me. ^_^


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