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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Alessia is a member of my church in Belgium, who has been (in large part thanks to the attitude that we're a cult) been forbidden from having contact with the church by her foster family:

During the first months of her stay in the foster home, Alessia continued to show the firmness of her faith and her commitment to the Gospel. She was still able to communicate with Nina, whom she paid furtive visits. Through Nina we got glimpses of the girl’s new life. She had to read anti-Mormon slander, which the foster father provided. She was not allowed to attend Church. She was coerced to break the Word of Wisdom, as coffee and tea were the standard drinks. She did not receive the letters and cards Mormon friends, made at youth conference and camps, sent her.

The little Mormon branch brought up the money to have a tombstone placed over Tatiana’s grave. They had a small commemoration ceremony when it was installed. Alessia, invited, did not receive permission to attend.

The breaking point came over tithing. From the little pocket money she received, Alessia continued to pay tithing. She gave her cents to Nina, who gave it to the branch president, who wrote out the receipt, which Nina returned to Alessia.

Until one day the foster father, enraged, called Daniella. He had discovered the tithing receipts. That was it. From now on, he claimed, Alessia had decided that she did not want anything to do anymore with the Mormon church. If there would be any form of contact from us, any letter or phone call or whatever, he would alert the IACHSO and the press, to expose the Mormon cult as threatening his foster daughter.

Apparently they attempted to enlist the support of Adelbert Denaux (apparently a man who is personally familiar/friendly with the church -- but who also is an "anti-cult" expert,) but he was either a) unaware of their request (this is what he appears to claim now) or b) okay with the whole thing. Good times.

In any case, I am praying for this young woman, and hope she is doing well -- and will soon have the freedom to act and worship according to the dictates of her own conscience, and not the dictates of a bureaucracy's list of cults.


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