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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Yes, your worshipfulness...  
On Times & Seasons there's a post asking about worship in the LDS church, in particular how it relates to behavior and reverence in the Sacrament...

I commented; this is part of what I said:

As to the actual worship thing... I'm not sure I know. I never feel like we're much "worshipping" anything except during prayers, hymns, and the Sacrament itself... the Primary (Sharing and Singing Time, anyway) always feels more like worship than Sacrament meetings, Sunday School, Relief Society, Young Women, etc., probably because of the songs. Everything else, including the talks in Sacrament, feels more like "lessons" than "worship" -- with a lesson, I tend to feel like I'm at best watching someone else recite something they produced worshipfully, or perhaps (on a really great day) listening to someone else worshipping something. If I'm paying attention, I'll be able to incorporate what I've learned in these lessons in my own worshipping efforts. My own private worship is more, well, private -- prayers and music and scripture study. And I can't place my finger on why. Sacrament and the other church meetings feel more like we're worshipping on a technicality; it's worship on the grounds that we're all there, all listening to the same truths, etc. It's like a salute -- a formal observance. Maybe I should just force myself to listen to the talks, even when I'm finding it absolutely impossible and frustrating; there's nothing to say that worship has to be fun. Or is there?

I must mention here that Dictionary.Com is of no help in sorting out this matter.


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