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Saturday, February 12, 2005
They would do this on Friday...  
It's Battlestar Night. Everyone's off watching cool shows on SciFi (sorry, Enterprise fans...) and of course, Eason Jordan WOULD resign. Oh, and there's that whole "bury the story until Monday, when something else will be big -- and hey, look, shiny North Korean nuclear weapons are OVER THERE!" angle to the timing of this announcement, too.

But darn it, I was busy and didn't notice until almost four hours after the event. Again. Honestly, for someone without a life, I'm finding myself very busy.

Fortunately, at least some of these people are awake and watching the newswires. Actually, I don't think anyone watches the newswires -- I'm not even entirely certain there ARE newswires anymore -- but they were watching TV and other blogs, instead of Stargate/Battlestar, and commented far more quickly than I would have even I had been alerted right away. I'm more of a "listen, and watch, and think, and ponder, and speculate, and ruminate, and diddle, and daddle, and get dinner, and THEN blog" kind of girl. No wonder I can't even keep up my status as a Flippery Fish (I should have gotten a screenshot.)

As to my take, seeing as how dinner and rumination and even some solid Star Wars novel reading (what else am I supposed to do on the treadmill?) have been taken care of...

This was totally dumb on Eason's part. If he resigns, he should take at least two or three publicity/public relations types, and maybe a lawyer, along with him. What the heck? This guy is as clueless as those Battlestar characters who lied -- giving conflicting stories no less -- in this most recent (in the U.S.) episode. Don't do that. Everyone knows you don't do that. If you're in hot water and there's nowhere to turn -- that is the one final moment when above all else, the truth IS your friend. It was your friend way back at the beginning, too, but seeing as how you're already in desperate straits it's too late to think about that. Instead, think about how people would rather hear a contrite confession -- replete with head hanging apologetic wimpering -- than see you try and wiggle out of whatever it is you're accused of (or stand perfectly still and pretend that you aren't in massive amounts of trouble.) Maybe they should add a course in "Crisis/Scandal Management" to the requirements for journalism/communications degrees.

Bah, humbug, in any case. If the man was so great at his job, and such a good corporate leader, he would have known all of that, and have been able to articulate it better than I can at 1am. The fact that he's allowed this little thing tells me that he was either incredibly (legendarily, beyond belief) evil in his original remarks, or incredibly (again, legendarily, and beyond belief) stupid in the way he thought he could deal with it. And to be honest, I'm pretty well forced to conclude that he's both evil and stupid, seeing as how he still, right now, this very moment, is refusing to be even an itsy bit honest. It's like Dan Rather, only he didn't even have a vaunted (if not particularly well deserved) public sense of trust to fall back on.

Fine role-models for all those looking to make a career in this industry, these guys.


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