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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Regarding Grouchy Week...  
Okay, that was a wierd announcement. I shall therefore attempt to clarify -- next time I have to declare a Grouchy Week, I can just link back to this post, and all will be happy. ^_^

Basically, if I get to a point where I have a sufficient level of stress, and things to take care of, and stuff that's fallen by the wayside, I have a tendency to get grouchy. I read things written by people I already find annoying, and instead of saying "wow, that guy's still really annoying," I find myself writing a really long response to him. I read something which is intentionally provocative -- doesn't matter what the issue is -- and instead of saying, "wow, she's really trying to get to me," it actually gets to me.

I don't like that.

So, when that happens -- when I get to the point where reading an email makes me get teary-eyed, or want to type in all capital letters, or throw something -- I take time off. I'm too grouchy to deal with you on a rational basis. I don't really care that you never, ever deal with me on a rational basis, whoever you are, I have higher standards, and darn it, you and the universe are NOT permitted to goad me into failing those standards. Or rather, I'm not required to let you.

Grouchy Week usually lasts 5 or 6 days. I generally don't need more than 3 or 4 days off -- if I took time off from the internet altogether, and didn't spend any time with people, and didn't watch TV, and didn't have any books around, it'd probably take about 36 hours. I always say I'm going to take a whole week, so that it doesn't alarm people when it really does take a whole week. I try to stay away a day or two longer than is strictly necessary, so that I'm really happy to be back when I come back.

I should point out that in real life, I tend to withdraw partially in the middle of heated arguments and the like -- and that I tend to be more guarded in person than I am online. It's basically a protective measure, but it requires a consistently lower level of social performance than I'm really happy with. I go all out online, but that means I have to take really long breaks every once in a while. If I was getting hatemail, or annoying helpmail (like Steven DenBeste), I'd probably need a Grouchy Week once a month. ^_^

Anyway, I'll be back. Already I feel like posting on political stuff again; I should be happy to talk about religion in another day or two.


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