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Monday, February 14, 2005
Finite Resources & Like Endeavors  
It occurs to me that the reason Grouchy Week has resulted (yet again) in lower levels of mail group postings (when I always think it'll mean lots and lots of mail group postings) and much higher levels of blogging (when I assume blogging will drop off to nothing) is because message board activity is much more like blogging than it is, fundamentally, like mail group activity. I read mail group postings at my leisure, I store them in one box (really three, but it's a fixed number of easy to remember spots) and I can always go back to them -- the oldest message currently in my Yahoo! mailbox is from 2002.

Message board posts are flexible and instable, like any other web format -- but in particular, like blogs. You have to click on a bunch of different links, deliberately choosing to read in a specific subject area or writings from a particular author -- or choosing not to read something, for whatever reason. Conversations are highly compartmentalized: someone says one thing, a few other people respond to it, and it has no real link to other conversations (even though they involve the same people) just one click away. I was trying to describe message boards there, but it'd work just as well for a blog.

Anyway, Grouchy Week nearly always comes about as a result of my frustration having expressed itself inappropriately on a message board or a mail list (blog posts and comments are terribly public; I rarely let my emotions get very far in writing publicly, especially when compared to the more informal and intimate message boards and mail groups I'm a member of.) So I'm intentionally avoiding one or the other (almost always a message board -- I rarely get only just annoyed enough with a mail group to stay away for a single week rather than leave altogether) for a while.

But I'm very used to commenting, writing, etc. about 1500-2000 words a day on the message boards and mail groups I'm a member of -- mostly the boards, these days. Moreover, without nearly as much fear of retaliation or dismissal -- this blog is my space, on my time, in my way -- I already prefer it on principle to message boards and mail groups. The only reason I post on a message board rather than my blog is the conversation; the fact that people are reading and (hopefully) thinking about what I've said. I'm avoiding conversations during Grouchy Week, to reorient myself (and refamiliarize myself with the signs I've posted by my computer, reminding me to be restrained and civilized.) By abstaining from the boards, I'm suddenly left with an extra couple thousand words... and a blog entry fills the gap of a message board post almost exactly.

Now, I should point out here that for a long time, I was a "mail group only" kind of girl. I'd post my 1500-2000 words a day on a mail list or two, and be happy. It wasn't until around 2001-2002 that I got involved with message boards (and then by force, as the majority in the LUN group simply don't like mail groups) and then blogging (as distinct from my old webpages, which have been around since forever.) That's probably why I tend to think that I'll post a lot on the mail groups -- that's what I used to do, after all.

But with the blog here, almost none of the excess words show up in my mail groups. And now I think I know why. ^_^


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