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Monday, February 14, 2005
Catching up...  
Okay, well, unsurprisingly, I didn't just set out on the whole walking/exercise thing -- I don't do "directionless" well. Now, the lynchpin in my plan -- the thing that keeps me doing the walking when I'm quite sick of it and would really rather play The Sims or perhaps study for the Foreign Service Exam some more -- is the President's Challenge thing. I pretty much hate nothing more than those little incomplete stars. It's worse than the old half-completed caterpillars I'd have to fill out to keep track of my reading (one little section of the caterpillar would represent a chapter, or a book, or a set number of pages; you colored in a section when you completed the reading.)

But, I also have a larger plan. It's basically a model along the lines of what worked for me during NaNoWriMo; I have the electronic "pressure" (I check my progress as compared with Ohioans, 24-year-olds, Americans in general, and people who choose walking as their form of exercise, on what amounts to a daily basis), and I have a spreadsheet.

And my, oh my, what a spreadsheet it is. I have the BMI formula stored in one cell, so that when I enter my current weight it tells me what my current BMI is (I'm proud to say I'm no longer "extremely obese" -- I'm somewhat baffled by the idea that I've been "obese" since I was about 14 years old.) I enter my current measurements in five columns, then present them as a single number in a sixth column. I track how many "points" I earn on the website (they're based on how many calories various activities burn) and how much time I spend doing low, medium, and high intensity activities. I track how fast I was able to go for at least 30 minutes straight.

And then I can compare my progress to pre-set goals. My goal was to lose 2 lbs. a week, to lose a set number of inches (I tried to account for a slow-down in progress,) to work out at an increasing intensity (number of points earned) and for longer periods of time...

Moreover, I set myself up to be behind at first. I counted a whole week of complete inactivity, so I was 200 minutes and 590 points behind.

Last week, of course, looks REALLY bad on the spreadsheet. I did, like, nothing. As of Saturday morning, I was 330 points and 190 minutes behind.

But so far this week I have 2 days and over 150 minutes logged. I have at least three days left, and I will (hopefully) be able to log at least an hour per day (that's 220 points) -- and if I am successful, I will be ahead of my goals for the first time since I started keeping track.

All of which makes it slightly depressing to think about all those years of school -- including the time I was home educated -- where I never really understood how to motivate myself. Sigh. Now that I know how to look at the situation, the solution is really insanely obvious, and honestly, always has been.


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