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Saturday, February 12, 2005
And then we have that whole "health" thing,  
Which hasn't been going so well this week. See, last week, I was doing great -- I had gotten my "I can go a whole hour straight" speed up to 3.2 miles per hour (I think I could, theoretically, pull off about 4.2 or so -- I wanted to go slowly, so that I'd stick with it), and I was around Minute 35 on the first day I tried going 3.3mph for a half hour straight (I do 15 minutes at a lower speed, to warm up). Regrettably, I didn't stretch that day. Yeah, yeah, I know. Trust me, I know.

Anyway, my left leg began to hurt. A lot. A whole lot. "Please doc, just cut it off now" type a whole lot. I thought, this isn't good. I got off the treadmill and cooled off and sat down and typed for about twenty minutes. Then I got back on. I got up to all of 2.7mph before the pain -- ah yes, agony, my old friend! -- returned. Sigh.

The next day I couldn't even get to 8 minutes at 2.9mph before the pain became nearly unbearable. I welcomed my sisters coming down to interrupt me -- oh, you need me to get off the treadmill and find something for you that's buried in my room and will take forever to search for? Oh well, I guess I could take a little break... Hah.

Now, other people, in this situation, would assume that they'd pushed it too far. Not me. I was pretty much torn amongst diabetes, bone cancer, and a kind of heart/vascular disease. "CALL A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF IT STOPS HURTING WHEN YOU STOP EXERCISING" all the websites said. And me without health insurance. Argh.

Caroline suggested it might have to do with the fact that I never eat, and especially that I don't drink enough milk. Hmm. She also thought I should take a few days off. Coincidentally, I had to go to Michigan to help out my mom -- no treadmill up there.

So I took a (several day long) break, drank a lot of milk (I need to go buy more tomorrow -- and mom, if you're reading this, we're out of toilet paper, too), and started back up yesterday, going really slow and being sure to stretch beforehand.

I did 30 minutes at 2.9mph yesterday, no problem.

Today I stretched a little first, did 15 minutes, stretched a whole lot, did 15 minutes, stretched some more, took an hour off to watch Battlestar Galactica (good episode, BTW -- I kept yelling at assorted Galactica crew members for their idiocy under interrogation, but no matter), came back downstairs, stretched some more, did 15 minutes, STRETCHED AGAIN, and did 15 more minutes. Then I did 5 minutes at reeeeeeeally reeeeeeally slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow speeds (I start at 2.0mph, decrease every 30 seconds, and stop when I get completely bored -- 5 minutes is the absolute longest I can tolerate, and I can't do more than about 45 seconds at 1mph; drives me nuts, and I actually trip over myself.) Then I stretched again.

Overreaction? Maybe. But I'm not taking any tension or difficulty in my legs lightly... I can go (and have gone) more than 20 miles straight in the past, and I don't generally tire out first. The weak spot is actual pain (as opposed to shortness of breath or something), and I am therefore going to avoid causing any such pain to myself.

Because I gained a pound during my convalescence. Grr. AND now I have NO room for wiggling in the Presidential Fitness thing; I have to have three perfect weeks in a row. Arrrrrrgh.


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