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Friday, December 17, 2004
Reasons to Home School  
Aren't exactly hard to come by, you know?

There's all sorts of... I guess you could call them fundamental, or basic, reasons to home school, of course. You might think that government schooling is improper from a libertarian standpoint, or that group schooling is too restrictive and conformist, or that secular schooling is unGodly, or that children should be free to move at their own pace, etc. You might be particularly attached to a specific educational philosophy (unschooling, the Trivium, Charlotte Mason -- though it seems to me those philosophies occur primarily to those already determined to start, or seriously interested in, home education). You might be completely underwhelmed with the quality of the education that you see graduates of public or private schools demonstrating. Maybe you're a home education graduate, and you've just always assumed that you're going to do the same thing for your kids.

And that's pretty cool, I think. I like it when people think through the issues, look at their kids, look at the schooling options available to them, and make a serious committment to home education. WOOT! I say, and I mean it.

But if you're ambivalent, or indecisive, or haven't really thought seriously about it, or whatever, there are always the sorts of inducements our present system seems specially designed to offer you.

Like rumors of violence at a middle school.

Or, armed kidnapping suspects outside of an elementary school.

And there's always your classic drunken school bus driver.

Of course, some people will argue that these incidents are rare, and anyway, what about that critical socialization thing home schoolers are missing out on?

I find such arguments unpersuasive.

I think this guy does, too.



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