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Friday, November 26, 2004
41k and a Frosted World  

 I woke up this morning with a 41,683 word partial novel on my hands, and a frost over the entire world.  Or at least the entire state.  I look out the window, and it's like looking at a cake you can buy at one of those really expensive bakeries, with the whole delicate powdered sugar coating on everything.  It's actually really cool; I wish I had a camera.  Of coures it'll be gone in another hour or two, but hey...

Meanwhile, the NaNo is coming along swimmingly.  I didn't quite meet my personal goal of 5,000 words on Wednesday, but I made up for that with over 6,000 on Thursday.  I am actually officially caught up with where you're supposed to be, on the "slow and steady, every day a minimum number of words" plan.  I only need to write 1700 words a day to finish in time.  I'd prefer not to take the risk, though, and plan to write another 3-6k tonight and Saturday.

In completely unrelated news, the warehouse that my department is in (I work in an office just down the hall from the warehouse door) has been chilled to something around 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  I have to wear gloves and a knit cap to get to my department's main office.  It's really, really cold.  Like, "the refridgerators we keep some of the plants in are actually warmer than the so-called ambient temperature section of the warehouse" cold.  We could lower the temp in the fridges if we kept their doors open.  Yuck.

I am so looking forward to CA temps and fake snow (Disneyland uses glycerin to make bubble snow, which is extra strange and therefore cool).  To think that 50 is "really cold" and worthy of a heavy coat... sigh.


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